Family service item by item sales jiangshan isolation point to achieve warm heart “zero appeals”

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Around the Spring Festival, a quarantine point in Jiangshan city received 195 quarantined people, including 4 close contacts.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of epidemic prevention and control at the isolation point, Jiangshan city focused on the implementation of the “three and three” system. Through the “three” measures such as accurate tracking and discharge, closed-loop management and humanized service, the quarantined people asked for more than 90 questions every day at the beginning of their stay in Jiangshan city, and realized “zero demands” after the second day of the New Year.In accordance with the relevant requirements of the city’s epidemic prevention and control and isolation, the special team made precise checks on the environmental hygiene of the isolation points, especially the “three areas and two passages”, to ensure that the hardware facilities reached 100% of the standard.Accurate control of quarantined personnel, the implementation of daily dynamic reporting system, the main three “know”.Closed-loop management has been implemented, and the “three and three” working system has been implemented for personnel at isolation points. Registration and registration have been carried out regularly every day to ensure that all epidemic prevention and control measures are in place.At the same time, humanized services have been carried out, from more than 90 requests per day before the quarantine to zero after the second day of the Chinese New Year. Behind the number returning to zero, it reflects the humanized services provided by the staff of the quarantine point who truly consider each other and treat the quarantined people as their relatives.The special class is led by party members and cadres, charging the front line, regardless of gains and losses, without asking for return. While the isolation personnel sincerely praise jiangshan’s thoughtful service, the young medical staff are also moved to apply for frontline membership.At the beginning of the special class collected many problems, involving maintenance, life, service and other problems, through the staff to put themselves in the position, heart-to-heart warm service, every day to the feedback of the problem to file sales number, one by one to solve, to achieve a warm heart “zero appeal” good results.With one hand grasping epidemic prevention and with the other hand grasping development, we are in action author: Zhang Kaiqi Correspondent: Ye Huiqing Editor: Jiang Chenlei Responsible Editor: Yu Mingming think the content is good,