Hengqiao community held local Chinese New Year theme convenient artist features party member volunteer activities

2022-07-21 0 By

Hengqiao community responded to the call of the Local New Year, in the afternoon of January 21 to carry out the “Concentric anti-epidemic New Year safe and happy cloud reunion” local New Year theme activities and convenient artist series featured Party member volunteer activities.In the New Year of the Tiger approaching, several party members quietly came to the Youth Square, in order to let hengqiao community update to meet the first beam of light in 2022, party members have to fight, scaffolding, ladder, for the youth square pavilion dressed up on the New Year of the Tiger mark!At the same time, the community organized more than 30 children and parent-child families to join the construction of the New Year, together in the 724 planet folding paper lanterns, which makes the winter vacation life more rich, I hope the New Year to a tiger tenglong potential, fried over the beast, welcome the New Year!At the same time, the activity site according to the “new”, “New”, “fast”, “happy” four experience areas.There was red paper, ink and felt, and the residents were writing on the red paper with brush in hand.At the scene, residents looked at their masterpieces, their faces filled with happy smiles, it can be said that the “year” taste rich!Hengqiao community’s move also attracted many residents to take photos and punch in their wechat moments to actively respond to the local Spring Festival policy!It is not for better reunion, the local New Year is the biggest waiting for the family, health and peace is the best reunion – stay rong Chinese New Year, peace is home.No matter where you are, the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is never absent!