The main structure of Jinling Petrochemical Station of Nanjing Metro Line 6 was successfully capped

2022-07-21 0 By

Yangtze Evening News network on April 2 (reporter Cao Lu Jie correspondent di Xuan) April 2, the reporter learned from Nanjing metro, line 6 Jinling petrochemical station main structure according to the schedule smoothly capped.This marks a phased victory in the construction of Jinling Petrochemical Station, and also lays a solid foundation for the reception of 6 shield machines.The project of Nanjing Metro Line 6 starts from Qixiashan Station and ends at Nanjing South Station, with a total length of 32.4km and all underground lines.Jinling Petrochemical Station is located in the jurisdiction of Jinling Petrochemical Plant. It is laid along No. 0 Road. It is an underground double-deck double-cross-island station with 2 entrances and 3 wind pavilions.The station is 385 meters long, the standard section is 20 meters wide, the widened section is 41 meters wide, and the excavation depth of the foundation pit is 15.0 ~ 21 meters.In view of the complex environment and the impact of the epidemic in the jinling Petrochemical plant, the Engineering Department of Line 6 organized and overcome difficulties carefully, led the contractor to actively coordinate with Jinling Petrochemical on temporary land use, pipeline relocation and traffic relief, and quickly opened the construction area of the station.At the same time, we urged the participating units to strengthen control in quality, safety, progress and epidemic prevention and control, and carried out co-educational activities with Nanlian Middle School, realizing zero noise complaints during construction.The smooth closure of Jinling Petrochemical Station provides favorable conditions for the partial resumption of no. 0 Road and the construction of auxiliary structure and station internal structure.By the end of March, the construction preparations of Metro Line 6, such as land expropriation, demolition and pipeline alteration, have been pushed forward, and civil construction has begun at the sites with conditions.Construction has started on 18 stations, 13 stations have completed the envelope structure, and 6 stations have completed the main structure.Twelve shield tunnels were started, of which six were connected.Proofreading faye wong