Tong Wei: The strawberries are ripe!”Berry” good time waiting for you!

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Strawberry lovers please pay attention to the big and sweet strawberry with full vitamin C officially online come to tongwei County Pingxiang Town Jiudianzi village strawberry greenhouse for a sweet appointment!In March, all things germinate and glow with vitality everywhere.In the vegetable base of Jiudianzi Village, Pingxiang Town, Tongwei County, spring is in the air in the greenhouses. Mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetable seedlings are growing vigorously. In the strawberry greenhouses, it is the picking season of the New Year, attracting tourists to come to pick.”Spring returns to the earth and everything revives.Recently, with the temperature warming, Tongwei County Pingxiang Town Old dianzi village greenhouses in the strawberry harvest season, a bright red full strawberry is really mouth-watering.”Tongwei County rong media center reporter Li Xiaochun said.Into pingxiang town old dianzi village villagers Ma Xiaoming’s strawberry planting greenhouse, which planted “cream” strawberry full, emitting thick sweet.The “cream” strawberry refers to the zhangji variety, which has a long, cone-shaped fruit the size of an egg with soft, juicy, sweet flesh that is firm and juicy to eat.Ma Xiaoming told reporters that this has been his third year of planting strawberries.Tongwei around town, the old shop ping village, the villagers xiao-ming ma said: “I planted three such big shed, each tent covers an area of 1200 square meters, production relative we can also be the place, is the place we water alkali content is too high, the leaves of strawberry these love aging, guests more, sales can be completely, these can price.”Tongwei County Pingxiang Town Old dianzi village villagers Kong Yonghong this year 38 years old, although young, he has 11 years of vegetable greenhouse planting experience.Into his mushroom greenhouse, rows of sticks neatly arranged, a mushroom drilled out of the package, blossoming like flowers, growth is very pleasing.By ten o ‘clock in the morning, he was busy picking fresh mushrooms.Kong Yonghong, a villager from Jiudianzi Village, Pingxiang Town, Tongwei County, said: “I have planted four sheds, three tomato sheds and one mushroom shed. The overall income is ok.In recent years, Tongwei County Pingxiang Town Jiudianzi village, according to local conditions, actively guide farmers to develop vegetable greenhouse planting, industrialization, large-scale development mode of planting high-quality vegetables, to help the masses in the door employment, promote agricultural efficiency, farmers increase income, help rural revitalization.”Jiudianzi village existing facilities solar greenhouse 60, plastic steel greenhouse 200, mainly to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, mushrooms.In recent years, the development of efficient agriculture through going out and bringing in has become the main way for farmers in Jiudianzi village to increase their income.”Tongwei County Pingxiang town old village party branch deputy secretary Liu Donggui told reporters.(Reporter Li and Li Xiaochun) Source: Rong Media Center of Tongwei County