“How about 40? I will be your father when I am 100” : My father’s love makes me afraid to go home for the Spring Festival

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Yaeko’s father was nearly seventy years old, and every time yaeko and his wife came home, he would walk several miles to the intersection and wait for them.In the twelfth lunar month, the pig was killed and the bacon was cured. Father took a bus to a train and delivered the bacon to Yingzi. He almost never stayed overnight at Yingzi’s house for fear of causing them trouble.He was brutally thrifty with himself, leaving to his children everything he thought good.But Yaeko says she’s not happy and she doesn’t want to go home.”The day of Chinese New Year is drawing near, but I’m getting more anxious every day.”That was the first thing Yaeko said to me.Yingko really didn’t want to go home for the Spring Festival, but as a daughter, she knew she had to.Especially parents are getting older and older, and the opportunity to accompany them is getting less and less.Yaeko added that she knew she would return home to spend the New Year with them, as she always does.But remembering those memories, every day before the New Year, her heart becomes heavier.One year, on the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, I went back to my parents’ home for the Spring Festival.It was cloudy for several days. Before six o ‘clock in the evening, it was dark.I helped my mother to clean up the clothes drying in the yard, while secretly looking at the intersection from time to time, or did not see my brother’s figure.I quietly observed my father, see his face more somber, I had to pretend as if nothing had happened to help my mother do this do that, from time to time to hear my father in the side complaining about my mother, what what did not do, I heard quickly to do according to his requirements.When my mother entered the kitchen, she deliberately asked me to go in to help her. I understood and hurried in.My mother whispered to me, “Go to your room and call your brother and ask him why he hasn’t come back yet.Today this is no time, also don’t come back, will your dad’s going to be angry again, when the time comes and noisy family, can’t live like this “this year I call brother quietly hide in the room, his tone down calmly said:” I and your sister-in-law immediately “once I listen to the in the mind a sigh of relief, but immediately alert:” sister-in-law?””Of course is the new sister-in-law ah, also can which sister-in-law!”He looked a little impatient on the other end of the line.My in the mind immediately flurried rise, a storm is about to come immediately, how should I do ability to let the scene not be out of control?My brain was spinning fast.”Yes, mamma must be told first, so that she may be prepared.”I thought so, quickly went to the kitchen, and whispered to my mother who was preparing dinner, “My brother has brought his new sister-in-law back.” “How did he bring her back? Why is he so disobedient?”We came when I don’t know, just to have a dinner, don’t need to prepare what other dishes, so that your father will think we know, say we collude good not to tell his” mom said a chopping vegetables, potato slipped on the block, the knife once met her fingers, blood quickly emerged, she let out a sigh that knife is a young firmly into the potato.I ran into the room and found a Band-aid and wrapped it up for her.A light shone in through the darkness outside the window.”They should be here,” I whispered to my mother.Then he went across the hall and opened the door.Hearing the sound of the car door, my brother beckoned the taxi driver to come in for a drink of water. The driver politely refused and got out to help carry the luggage from the trunk.”Mom, my brother is back.”I turned back and shouted to the kitchen very loudly on purpose.”Brother, sister-in-law, come back.””I shouted as I stepped forward to help get things.Just then mother came out and politely called them in.Dad came out of the back room, sister-in-law said: “Dad, this is for you to buy good wine.”Dad said with a straight face: “I want you to buy me any wine, I own much wine.”Sister-in-law was stunned, I said to her: “Cold?Would you like to warm yourself by the fire?”Busy mother said to her, “go to bake will fire” I guided her to sit down the fire in the fireplace, and said to her: “dad is a man, he’s afraid we spend money, don’t let us to buy things for him, but he was very good, you don’t want to heart” mother cooing with brother next door the kitchen talking, I don’t have to listen to, you will know what they said, had to have no words to find words to chat with my sister-in-law.When the meal was cooked, the family sat awkwardly together for dinner. Dad looked black and didn’t say a word during the whole process. After drinking two glasses of white wine, he went back to his room to sleep without eating.The rest of us a few, my mother and I smiled and greeted my sister-in-law to eat vegetables.I was secretly relieved, dad is still pretty face, not too embarrassed.The whole family washed at random and went to bed early.As I lay in bed, I heard my mother in the next room telling my father not to ruin his sister-in-law’s life.Dad interrupted her irritably: “Don’t tell me, it’s all your fault, this family is going to fail, it’s all your fault.” Mom tried to suppress her crying fitfully wafted into my ears.I prayed in my heart that the year would be over and THAT I would not stay here one second longer, and this argument had been a nightmare throughout my teenage years.I can hardly remember any happy moments when they were poor and quarreled over money.Later, they quarreled with my brother because he didn’t listen to him. My brother got married and divorced, which made my father feel humiliated. I quarreled with my brother and my mother every day about this.Later brother met now sister-in-law, father has been clearly not accept, forcing brother with the original sister-in-law remarriage, he thought that is good for the child.In the mind of his generation, it seems that the children are always the most important, and his own happiness is never considered, so he takes it for granted that his brother, a father, should maintain a semblance of a happy family for his children.I feel sorry for my brother. He’s 40 years old, but he’s not even in charge of his own life.Besides, it’s dad, and he can’t do anything about him.Just like me, I know my father did wrong, but I dare not disobey him, can only stay away from him, lest one day also want to control my life.The next day, everyone on the surface as if nothing had happened, my mother and I busy doing the reunion dinner, my brother to help my father prepare ancestral items.Finally finished the reunion dinner, although my father all dark face, always find a fault training us a few words, fortunately, not too fierce war broke out.At night to shousui, mother took melon seeds, sugar and what to the fire, we baked, while eating melon seeds, the atmosphere is harmonious, my heart gradually put down.At ten o ‘clock, my sister-in-law said she was sleepy and went upstairs to bed.There were only four of us left in the fire pool.There was silence for a while, and then the father said, “You can’t stay with her. She has a child, just because you are young, she helped him raise the child, and then she won’t want you again.You are a pig, ignoring your own child and raising someone else’s!”The elder brother said unhappily, “Don’t worry about me.””I don’t care about you, who cares about you, the child can’t live without a mother, you and xiao Fang (my former sister-in-law) remarry.”Dad said, raising his voice.Mom stared at him one eye and said: “You small point sound, after a while that heard again.”Father neck a stem, the volume and raised several degrees: “which again heard, I am afraid of which again heard” “I was married with small fang you are not not satisfied with that not satisfied, now divorced you want me to marry again, I am all 40 years old, you can not tube my matter” brother also increased the voice.”How about when you’re 40? I’m your father when you’re 100. As long as I’m here, she won’t come into my house.””If you don’t enter, you won’t enter. Who wants to enter your house?”Brother suddenly got up and went out while loudly shouted toward the upstairs: “LAN LAN, we go.” I quickly got up to pull brother, he threw away my hand, through the hall, directly to the upstairs.I looked back at my parents at a loss. My mother cried and said:”Noisy noisy, you will be like, no one can have a safe, you can’t be finished this two days for say” “let him go, you let him go, just as I do not have this son, grandson raised myself, you let him go far” brother carrying luggage, with behind brother sister-in-law, trembling with fear, at a loss.”We’re off.”My brother looked at me and said.Then the two men opened the door and disappeared into the night.Many years later, my brother is still with his sister-in-law. In my nephew’s words, “When I am with my aunt, my father still laughs and never loses his temper when my aunt says anything, unlike when HE was with my mother and never talked to her properly.After all these years, I think auntie is nice to dad.”But my father still did not let go, insisted that he would not accept his sister-in-law, who advised all useless, who advised scold who.And every year when the New Year, early to call my brother, to him back, not allowed him to spend the New Year in the sister-in-law.His elder brother, who was in his 40s, was under his control like a child, and he had to take into account the emotions of his sister-in-law and parents in law. He often hurried back to The Chinese New Year’s Day or the day before, and then made some excuse to leave early.Every Chinese New Year is like a war, the flames of war can burn, all depends on my father’s mood and how much he drank.After a silence, Yaeko continued, “My father is really a very good father. He is hard-working and thrifty all his life. He saves the money for us to study and leaves all the delicious food for us.Even if we have worked, we are not expected to return the favor.He keeps all the new clothes he bought for him and criticizes us for wasting money.”In that respect, he really is the best father I have ever seen. I have never seen a father who is more devoted to his children, to his family.But we were really unhappy and afraid to go home.He has always intervened in our lives to his standards, to do us good in the way he thinks is right.Even as we grow up and read more books and see more of the world;Even we are already fathers and mothers.I really envy others can be so close to their parents, and even friends as equal to get along.I don’t want to see my parents pour all their energy and love into us all their lives. I want them to be selfish.There are delicious things themselves can also taste, for us to worry about at the same time, the first to live their own happy heart.I think it’s unconscionable for me to say “no” to my parents who have done so much for us.I didn’t dare go against their wishes, even if it wasn’t the life I wanted.Seeing my parents unhappy every day, I can’t make myself happy. How can I be happy? It means betraying my parents.In other people with parents act in pettish age, I learned to read, carefully not to provoke parents angry, I really feel very tired.My only struggle was to go home as little as possible. I admired my brother’s courage in confronting his parents.But seeing my father’s stooped body and my mother’s silent tears, I couldn’t say anything.Yaeko’s voice broke.I could only give her a comforting hug.Home is not a reasonable place. There is no one right or wrong.Home is the place of love, and love alone is the way of home.There are no parents who don’t love their children, but there are many times when parents give everything they have and their children don’t appreciate it.Why does this happen?That is because parents love without boundaries, hurt the feelings of their children, not only can not get their “thank you”, but also will seriously damage the parent-child relationship, let the children hide further.So parents might as well let go, live their own lives and give their children their lives back.Attached with gibran’s poem, with all parents.Your children are not your children, they are not your children, they are the children of life’s longing for itself.They came through you, but not for you; they are with you, but not for you.You may give them your love, but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.You may shelter their bodies but not their souls, for their souls belong to tomorrow, which you cannot even dream of reaching.You may strive to be like them, but make no effort to make them like you, for life goes not backwards nor tarries in the past.You are the bows from which your children are arrows sent forth.The archer sees the mark upon the path of the future, and he bends you with his might that his arrows may go swift and far.Let your bending be for gladness in the archer’s hand, for even as he loves the arrow that flies, so he loves also the bow that is stable.Author: Weiyang review: has been/Linghu Genzi proofread/find figure: years silent editor: Bamboo core Xiaoping original is not easy, do not copy!If you also have emotional experience want to talk, can private small make up a message.Copyright by Xuchang Longjing Culture Communication Co., LTD. 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