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“Doctor Lao saw the wound for the little girl.”He had caught a glimpse of his handsome face, and even his haggard appearance could not conceal his beauty, but added a touch of decadent languor. It was no wonder that the women were so eager to be “ill” that they invited him to see them!The man in blue unlined upper garment slightly frowns, but stretches out again for a moment, eye light flashes, “is the next abrupt.”When has he ever lost his temper like this?To make shallow words deep!Well, we all have secrets, even he…Think of what, the man in blue shirt collect collect eyebrow, “heard frost moon girl say, young lady hurt in the chest, I offend.”Say, slender hands slowly probe into the body of anmi, anmi cu eyebrow, past life, he had inspected for her, although know he is a doctor, do not have to care too much about the ceremony of men and women are not close, but…Think of just this man fundus look, peaceful and suddenly raised his hand, seize his wrist.”Miss, this is…”Blue unlined upper garment man puzzled looked at quiet, then fundus across a clear, pulled the corners of the mouth, “next is the doctor, examine the injury is necessary, if the young lady feel inconvenient, can not be next as a man, or not as a person.”This startled Anmi. She had wanted to tell him directly that she had broken her ribs, but it seemed mean of her to say so!Don’t open your eyes, tranquil is finally loose hand.Blue unlined upper garment man mouth Yang Yang, slightly open her skirt, expression becomes serious and professional, quiet yu Light glimpsed his action, eye movements and preexistence same, without the slightest evil thoughts, in the mind a lot of comfortable, this man, is a gentleman!”The young lady’s injury is not light, rib broken one, afraid is to rest in bed for a long time, next for the young lady to prescribe a medicine, recuperate the internal injury.”The man in blue shirt went to the table and took out a pen, ink, paper and inkstone. He bent over and wrote carefully, explaining as he wrote, “It’s best not to move these days, and the nutrition in daily life should not be ignored, which is helpful for the healing of the wound.”Wait until the blue unlined upper garment man finished writing, took the prescription, turned to look at the bed’s quiet, like to think of what, brow wrinkling, “frost month girl is not, miss’s medicine, in the bottom catch, boil good and then send to miss.”Anmi a surprised, surprised to see that blue unlined upper garment man, boil good to send to her?That didn’t happen in a previous life!The doctor is too kind-hearted.”No, don’t bother the doctor. The doctor will put the prescription on the table, and the little woman will find a way to make it.”I owe the great lady a small affair, said Tranquillity hastily, and she is still of use with the prescription!Didn’t expect quiet to refuse, the blue man twist the screw eyebrow, face frozen, more let him, when he wants to close to this woman, he feels this is a bad phenomenon, but it has blurted out, “in this case, the prescription I fell down on the table, have a good rest, miss next named QingLan, next again for miss appointment tomorrow.”Return?Say this, even his own feel incredible, see anmi micro wrinkle eyebrow, Qinglan quickly clean up their own things, stride out of the room, consult?How do you get a follow-up that fast?But he did not regret just words, and even some look forward to the arrival of tomorrow.Obviously hurt so badly, but since he entered the room, from beginning to end, did not hear the woman cry out pain, especially the woman’s strange……Shook his head. That was unusual.Anmi looked at his back disappear in the line of sight, eyebrow heart can not stretch for a long time, consult again?If she remembered correctly, the second time he came to see her in a previous life was more than ten days later, and that caused quite a stir. This one…Tomorrow?Anmi thought of the things that happened in the past life, the color in mou was deeper for a few minutes, it seems, the disturbance of this one life, be afraid and avoid not to open!Anmi waved away the thoughts in the brain, see a servant girl from her door through, immediately stopped her, ask her to help clothes bamboo Xuan with a message, think of that servant girl was stopped by her, that face revealed lest avoid less than fear, anmi couldn’t help pulling the mouth.Because Lady Ann did not like her, everyone kept away from her for fear of bringing trouble upon themselves, but some could not.”How could you have sent a message to me, Anmi? You don’t know. If the lady and the elder lady knew I was close to you, I was afraid…”Clothes bamboo xuan into the room, a face of displeasure toward anmi roar way.Anmi lay in bed, her whole body torn apart by the pain in her chest, but she could bear the thought of what she had to do, twitching the corners of her mouth and laughing, complaining?Is Tak-hyeon afraid of being implicated?You don’t have to come if you’re afraid.”Anmi neither fast nor slow way, words fall as expected to see yi Bamboo Xuan face stiff stiff, in the heart emerged a trace of irony, fundus a cold.How could she not come!Garment bamboo xuan a sink in the heart, think of what, eyes flashing, immediately pull out with a smile on her face, walked to the quiet side, the way of the concern, “quiet, I’m not afraid of being involved, I’m worried about your body, you need to have a rest, we are good sisters, even risk be wife know, I also want to see you.”Heaven knows, not long after she had left Tranquillity, she had received a message from mademoiselle that she was to come into mademoiselle’s yard after supper that night, and when she heard the news, she broke out in a cold sweat. What would mademoiselle do to her that night?She knew very well that she could not come near Him under such circumstances, but she could not help coming, as she thought of the signal he had given her.”Serenity, you say…”Yi Zhu Xuan took a quiet hand, was about to mention “business”.”Bamboo Xuan, since you are a sister, you shouldn’t mind helping me to make medicine, you know, I can’t move now, can only rely on you.”Anmi interrupted her words, how she will not know this yi Bamboo Xuan to say what, she will not let her naturally.Make medicine boil medicine?Wan Yifu and Big Miss they know…Yi Bamboo Xuan a face embarrassed.”Zhu Hyeon won’t?I’ll have to pay…”Tranquil frowned and bit her lip in mock regret.”Yes, I would, why wouldn’t I?We’re good sisters, aren’t we?”Yi Bamboo Xuan eager way, for fear of quiet really spend money to let others help her.Good. Silver?Yi Bamboo Xuan is the most lack of silver!Anmi know, if not with silver lure Yi Bamboo Xuan, she is determined not to come.Yi Bamboo Xuan’s case she is the most is to understand, she had also been a watchman, after the family fortunes fall, the whole family moved to rongjin City, originally the rest of the money, also enough ordinary family life, but her good gambling brother lost all the money, and not production, sister-in-law will sell her as a slave.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!