The opening ceremony light up the greasy little brother!Princeton, Chinese heritage, full of surprises

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In the past couple of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the flag-bearer of tonga “shirtless” little elder brother to all the audience left a deep impression, whether it is in Rio DE janeiro and Tokyo, hot or cold pyeongchang, called the name of the tower, tao o method tor rich (Pita TAUFATOFUA) of tonga athletes always naked upper body, wrapped in a thick layer of coconut oil,His muscles were even more striking, and he quickly became an international sensation, attracting media interviews from around the world.Originally, Bita had been ready to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics, but because tonga suffered a severe volcanic eruption and tsunami, so bita decided to stay in Tonga to help rebuild the disaster, so he could not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.But while Bita didn’t make it this time, his mantle was taken up by American Samoa’s Nathan Crumpton, who made an appearance last night, shirtless in a traditional dress like a skirt, Lavalava, flip-flops,A new generation of shirtless flag-bearers appeared at the Opening ceremony as they energetically waved the American Samoa flag in minus-5c temperatures.Nathan’s appearance elicits cheers from tonga’s mourners, including praise from Bita himself: “American Samoa hold our ground!”Twenty-eight years have passed since American Samoa last competed in the Winter Olympics, and Nathan was the only athlete to compete in the skeleton bobsled event.Nathan, 36, is also a summer and winter Olympian. He ran the men’s 100m in Tokyo last summer and clocked 11.27 seconds.Only a handful of athletes, 140, can compete in both the Winter and summer Olympics.And Nathan’s background is very complicated, because my father work in the diplomatic, he was born in Kenya, a mother in the family with China and Polynesian ancestry, spent most of his childhood in Africa, then passed between Australia and the United States Virginia, Nathan finished high school in Virginia, and then enter the ivy league school at Princeton university.Growing up, he showed great athletic talent, excelling in the long jump, winning the third-highest triple jump in Princeton history, and playing hockey and football.But he and snow sports become attached to very late, until 2011 start training snowmobiles, is suddenly shift training direction, because the 2010 vancouver winter Olympics in the competition of steel snowmobiles project left a very deep impression on him: “it was my first time to see this project, then I would conclude that this is the coolest I’ve seen movement.”However, for a long time, Nathan is not a full time athletes, in training, he was a model, photographer and writer, in these areas, he made the same score, he is an award-winning photographer, works exhibited in galleries in Colorado, has published a book of 553 pages of a book, called the alpha state:Alpha Status: A Non-fiction Novel, Nathan uses income from these sources to support his training.Gradually, his name is becoming more and more in steel frame snowmobiles circle ring, in 2014, he participated in the first steel snowmobiles, and in the 2016 world games achieved good results of the fifth, 2018, he already obtained for the qualification of the winter Olympics pyeongchang, but because of the outbreak of the waist dish outstanding he had no choice, had to miss,Miss the opportunity to strive for….It was so emotional for Nathan that for a while he couldn’t face reality and just kept running away, but he soon recovered and won American Samoa’s first gold medal in winter sports at the 2019 North America Cup.Therefore, Nathan is very happy and cherishes this opportunity to finally come to the Olympic Winter Games.Competing at two Olympics in the space of just seven months is no easy task. Sprinting and bobsleigh have very different demands on an athlete’s body, and he has spent the past few months trying to gain back the weight he lost for sprinting.At the opening ceremony last night, everyone in the audience witnessed the results of Nathan’s training. His muscles are strong and firm, and he has not been afraid of the cold, which also shows that his physical fitness is not ordinary.Netizens couldn’t help but pay tribute to him: “Oh my God, American Samoa’s flag bearer went shirtless in Beijing in February and was awe-inspiring.””Nathan from American Samoa is probably the bravest athlete at these Games.As well as competing in the steel bobsled, he proudly carried his country’s flag in -5c weather at the opening ceremony.My sincere respect!””No matter what happens after that, American Samoa has already won the opening ceremony.I hope he can have a cup of hot tea after being shirtless in -5 degree weather….””Everyone’s favourite shirtless flag bearer, Betta, won’t be able to compete this year as he’s helping with the relief effort in Tonga, but Nathan is telling everyone, ‘It’s ok, I’m here!'” I wish the brave Nathan the best in the competition