Comments: “Ban the sale of minors under 8 years old”, let blind box economy bid farewell to blind economy

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Under the premise of growing market, standardization is the general trend.Shanghai made a mess of blind boxes.On January 12, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Regulation formulated and issued the Compliance Guidelines for Blind Box Business activities in Shanghai.Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Supervision held a press conference on The compliance Guidelines on Blind box business Activities in Shanghai on Monday.The Guidelines apply to blind box operators within the administrative area of Shanghai And other operators who sell blind box products to consumers.It is reported that the “guidelines” took more than half a year of market research, aimed at drawing industry red lines.In the current consumption field, buying blind boxes may be fun for many young people and even primary and middle school students.Blind box consumption drives the rapid development of the industrial chain, and some blind box brands represented by Bubble Mart have become the darlings of the capital market.Net hongchao play blind box “bubble Mart”.But at the same time, in the process of the rapid development of blind box economy, some industries are also frequent chaos.It is high time that Shanghai took the lead in issuing industry guidelines to guide its development.From the specific provisions, this guidance is undoubtedly quite targeted.For example, the Guidelines mention that goods with strict requirements on sales qualification, storage and transportation, and conditions of use are not allowed to be sold in blind boxes.This means that some acts of selling live pets as blind boxes in the past are clearly not in compliance, which can effectively avoid related consumer disputes, and is also a risk guarantee for animal rights.The guidelines also require that the price of a single blind box generally does not exceed 200 yuan.Blind box is indeed a commodity with market pricing, but it must be noted that the consumption of blind box itself has the characteristics of information asymmetry for consumers. Adopting the price ceiling strategy for blind box will reduce the space for merchants to charge excessive prices and also protect the rights and interests of consumers.It is worth mentioning that a large part of blind box consumers are minors.This group’s psychological cognition of consumer rights and interests is not very mature and perfect, and the novelty and stimulation characteristics of blind boxes are easy to cause addiction to them, just like the gold in games.Therefore, the guidelines put special emphasis on the protection mechanism for minors, requiring blind box operators not to sell blind boxes to minors under the age of 8, and to sell blind box products to minors over the age of 8, and to confirm the consent of guardians in different ways, including online and offline.This restrictive requirements, can let those minors not blindly follow the trend of consumption without restraint, become a business leek.It must be pointed out that although blind box is a kind of blind commodity, it does not mean that consumers do not even have the basic right to know, nor does it mean that blind box consumption can completely become blind consumption.Considering the randomness of the blind box economy, the Guidelines issued by Shanghai also require transparency in blind box sales.For example, the type of goods should be publicized, box rules, quantity of goods, hidden money extraction probability and other information.The disclosure of these information is conducive to the establishment of a more transparent consumer environment and the protection of consumers’ right to know.For consumers, if the type and quantity of blind boxes are more transparent, they will have a clear idea before buying, and will not spend money indiscriminately just to pick some hidden money with unknown probability.Of course, at present, the Shanghai guidelines are only industry guidelines, and they have no mandatory legal effect, but the fact that they have grown from nothing is in itself a kind of progress.On the one hand, it can provide effective reference for supervising law enforcement departments and dealing with similar consumer disputes.On the other hand, it will force businesses to standardize marketing and sales, so as not to harvest consumers by taking advantage of the information asymmetry of blind boxes.As a new consumer product, blind box economy is a result of market regulation lagging behind the development of the industry.In the long run, under the premise of growing market, it is the general trend for blind box economy to standardization.Therefore, Shanghai’s introduction of the “guidelines” is a beginning, the blind box economy can be based on evidence, no longer blind, the rights and interests of consumers can be effectively protected.Red Star News special commentator Xiong Zhi Editor Wang Yintao Red Star comment submission email: (download Red Star news, news prize!)