Involved more than 200,000 yuan!Fuzhou police broke up a criminal gang known for “eating black meat”

2022-07-23 0 By

N HaiDouQuan media reporters Mao Chaoqing article/figure the correspondent Drum west heald recently, gulou branch of fuzhou city public security bureau police brigade drum, west station according to the “broken card” (that is, the blow, governance, punish the system to deal with mobile phone CARDS, bank CARDS for the telecom network commit fraud or other illegal and criminal behavior) clues, dig extension line, in sanming, fuzhou and other places,Ten suspects including Zheng Mou Jie and You Mou Tao, who were suspected of helping information network crimes, were arrested on the spot with more than 30 mobile phones and 3 computers.The suspects identified criminal tools after review, since December 2021, the 10 suspects moved to many places, organized personnel for telecom fraud and gambling dens to provide funds transfer, and through the “black” way to steal and intercept part of the involved funds, a total amount of more than 200,000 yuan involved.The 10 suspects are now under criminal detention on suspicion of theft.In December 2021, Zheng Mou Jie and classmates you mou Tao conspired to make money, learned that others may use the information network to implement fraud, gambling and other criminal activities, need to hire, use others bank cards for payment and settlement, then gathered Zhu Mou Jie and other 10 people formed a criminal gang, and bank card holder Chen Mou Bin agreed,Arrange its under the guise of the bank card to lend the implementation of telecom fraud suspects “run off account” commission.In the process of money laundering, they seek opportunities to commit crimes and transfer the proceeds of crime in bank cards to other bank cards for their own.The gang is well organized and has a clear division of labor. It has stolen more than 200, 000 yuan from telecom fraud for 4 times.At present, the case is under further investigation.Editor: Chen Jiahui