The 8K direct broadcast of the Winter Olympics further boosted 8K TV sales

2022-07-23 0 By

The rapid development of 5G network and the hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have created favorable external conditions for the development of 8K TV in China. With the continuous development of the ultra HD video industry, the 8K industry will become more mature.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing. With a series of new technologies and new applications, the high-tech attributes of this Winter Olympics are increasingly highlighted, making the “scientific Winter Olympics” a reality.8 k high-definition technology is one of the key words of the Olympic winter games, in order to render the sports event, the opening ceremony, skating, short track speed skating, the awards ceremony, events and made a 8 k programs, CCTV and Beijing TV station opened 8 k channel, the Beijing Olympics is the first large-scale use of 8 k for global technology direct broadcast sports activities.The Beijing Winter Olympics was the most watched winter Olympics on digital media platforms, with record hours of broadcast content, digital media and live streaming.The total content of the Beijing Winter Olympics will reach 6,000 hours, surpassing the 5,600 hours of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, and is expected to be watched more than 2 billion times worldwide.This also means that 8K direct broadcast of the Winter Olympics will stimulate the market penetration of 8K TV in China, mainly reflected in the following three aspects:(1) improve consumer awareness of 8 k TV 8 k high-definition technology widely used in the winter games, to cultivate the consumer perception of 8 k high-definition color television, from watching sporting events, game experience, high-definition screen is the user’s tendency to choice, color TV products have large size is the industry consensus,Ultra high definition is the color TV industry has been pursuing direction.The resolution of 8K TV is as high as 7680×4320, 4 times that of 4K and 16 times that of 1080P, which can bring users a clearer and shocking experience and is also the mainstream direction of display technology in the future.(2) Promoting the production reserve of 8K content and application In the 8K industry, China’s mid-end transmission and terminal equipment is relatively leading, while the production reserve of front-end content and application is relatively weak, which also inhibits consumers’ demand for terminal equipment.Winter Olympics as an opportunity, to get through 8 k high-definition video content industry production chain, formed the domestic large-scale broadcast 8 k content material resource, promote high-definition video based industry innovation and development, expand high-definition video fusion in the field of application in various fields, and boost consumer demand for color TV sets, further promote the richness of content industry,Thus accelerate the 8K industry to form a virtuous cycle of sustainable development.(3) to promote brand active layout 8 k TV market as an important media sports communication, color TV manufacturers pay more attention to the major events marketing, the Beijing Olympics is not exceptional also, especially in the winter games broadcast live with 8 k +, under the help of offline store of 8 k experience area traffic, more close to the distance between the user and 8 k TV.And in the country for the ultra HD industry favorable policy and color TV display technology upgrading trend, brand manufacturers have joined the 8K color TV market layout, which is not only conducive to the color TV brand in the high-end market, but also represents the brand’s technical image and research and development strength.Thanks to the 8K direct broadcast of the Winter Olympics, 8K TV grew in January this year.According to the online and offline monitoring data of AVC, the size of China’s 8K COLOR TV market in January 2022 increased by 38.2% compared with December 2021, and the offline size increased by 92.8% compared with December 2021.Compared with November 2021, the increase was 28.8%.Reviewing the development of China’s color TV industry, we can find that the maturity of color TV display technology is accompanied by the decline of price, 8K TV is the same.In 2021, the average retail price of 65-inch and 75-inch products mainly sold by 8K TV decreased by more than 21 percentage points compared with 2020.The low, medium and high price routes presented by various sizes can meet various consumer needs.Panel prices are expected to remain low in 2022, which will further increase the market penetration of 8K TVS.The rapid development of 5G network and the hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games have created favorable external conditions for the development of 8K TV in China. With the continuous development of uHD video industry, the 8K industry will become more mature.It is expected that the scale of 8K TV in China will be 150,000 units in 2022, and the 8K color TV market will also become a competitive place for brand manufacturers.