Wedding photos of famous singer Yoon Sang-jie and a hostess have been released, and they are said to have a wedding in the near future

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Guo Yongmei, wife of famous singer Yin Xiangjie, recently took a photo with her husband on the social networking platform.The photos, the first of their nuptials, showing Guo looking like a fairy in a wedding dress, have sparked a backlash online.In a series of photos, guo xiangjie’s slim, plump figure is shown.The wedding is an important moment in a person’s life, and they take it very seriously.Guo Yongmei changed five sets of wedding dresses, and her husband kiss each other closely, creating a rare wedding dress which is filled with artful design style of western wedding dress, Guo Yongmei chose a transparent gauze type hollow-out flower long dress, not only showed her slim waist, look very solemn.Naturally, traditional Chinese dress and cheongsam dress are also worn separately, indicating that they attach great importance to wedding photos and are very solemn.According to Guo yongmei herself, Feb 1 is not only the traditional New Year, but also the first anniversary of her marriage to Yin Xiangjie and the birthday of her husband Yin.On such a unique and happy day, she expressed her wishes to her fans.Netizens also responded to the incident in the comment section, praising Yin’s good luck in marrying such a beautiful daughter-in-law, wishing her a happy birthday and the couple a happy marriage life.It can be seen that in the hearts of fans, Yin and Guo are the best partners.Everyone knows Yin Xiangjie very well.At that time, he collaborated with Yu Wenhua to write a song called “A Silver Bar of Love”, which has been widely spread to date.His wife guo Yongmei was also attracted by Yin’s talent.Although Guo Yongmei is the auctioneer, but she likes singing very much, so in the studio, she often and Yin to discuss the matter of singing.Over a long period of time, they gradually build their feelings, and then they get together.In the year after their wedding, Guo often showed their love videos on his social media feeds.On the second day of the lunar New Year, there was a traditional ceremony to return to guo’s home. Yin Fu accompanied Guo to visit relatives and friends.They showed up at the bus station dressed casually like an old couple.Earlier, on New Year’s Eve, the two of them were at home making dumplings.As the saying goes, men and women are not tired to work together, let alone you two love each other.Yin bear rolling dumpling skin, posture skilled fast, Guo bear dumplings, dumplings look good do not know how the taste, ha ha.Now he has a nice home and his career is a fresh start.I firmly believe that the Yin family will live a high quality of life.