A letter home full of hope

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For some time, my son did not study hard and his grades were poor.At this time, the school held an activity, is to ask students to write a letter to their parents, report their study and academic performance.When I saw my son’s letter and grades, I was angry, but I calmed down and wrote a letter to my son.Lin ‘er: I’m not satisfied with your grades. You let me down!It gives me headaches and sleepless nights.I even thought about beating you up, kicking you out of the house, following you.But I’m still calm, rational and honest to talk to you.My dear Lin ‘er!We all have the right to live in this world, but we should live according to certain rules. We should not do whatever we want.You are studying now, since it is studying, I would like to talk with you about how to read?Why read?What is the purpose of reading?When my father was a child, he lived in a very poor family. He didn’t have enough to eat, not to mention study, and he was dressed in rags.In this predicament, my father overcame many difficulties and resolutely studied hard at the cold window, studying late into the night and even till dawn every day.My Lin!Dad in the student period suffered from several serious diseases, each time from the disease engulf my weak life of the mouth struggle out, to the disabled.In the disease is still indomitable learning, struggling, learning!To struggle!To learn!God lives up to those who are ambitious. From grade one to graduation from junior high school, my grades have always been the first in the school. Even the teachers were amazed by it.Oh, my dear Liner!My father wanted to study again, but for a variety of reasons, the gate of high school did not allow me to enter, destroyed the good wishes and ideals of my life, become my lifelong regret!But you are different, you are parents’ favorite, apple of the eye, grandma and grandpa’s heart, sister’s baby.Although our family is still very poor, but you want to buy whatever the family basically for you, no matter how many years you want to study, I even street begging as a slave to support you to achieve education.What a mistake for society to keep calling for a reduction of your burden for your vital interests!If you want to read a good book, you have to carry forward the spirit of hanging sorghum cone bone-chilling head, hard work to squeeze time, not to enjoy, lazy greedy eating, more can not enter the Internet bar to play games, to watch TV to play mobile phones for a living.You are still young, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong is very poor, some unhealthy things and social ugliness, is the poison of your generation.In school, you should first respect teachers, unite students, as teachers such as parents, as students such as brother and sister, when teachers and students face difficulties and despair, you want to son and brother’s sense of responsibility in front of them, solve problems for them, stand to support the day.In study, you should “study hard and make progress every day”, as Grandpa MAO Zedong hoped.To listen to the teacher carefully, meticulous learning, truly profound learning, not ashamed to ask, in order to win the first group crown!In spare time, to help grandparents and parents do some of the farm work and housework, experience how grandparents and parents are working and suffering, experience the hardships of their life!To observe the society, experience the society, do not be a parasitic and bookworm, only know 1+1=2, do not know the hard work of the working people.If so, no matter how many books you read, no matter how highly educated you are, you are not the offspring of working people.If you are going to be successful and have the highest authority, you are only a top dog!You should know that every penny for you to go to school is the hard sweat of grandparents and parents, some grandparents and parents for their children to go to school, as an ox and a horse, a slave-like struggling day, sometimes negative out of the blood price, and even negative out of the precious life!Lam son!You must remember that every penny is a drop of blood of grandparents and parents!You should know how many brothers and sisters can’t afford to go to school, how many parents and siblings cry because they can’t afford to cure diseases!In the clutches of death!My dearest son!How happy you are compared with them!The purpose of reading is not only for personal future, to honor the family, but more importantly, to become the pillar of the country in the future, the hope of the nation, to serve the working people, to become the filial son and grandson of the working people.Our great leader and mentor MAO Zedong grandpa and Zhou Enlai grandpa, have far macro ambition since childhood, the purpose of reading is to save the world suffering poor people, is “for the rise of China”!Therefore, in their generation, desperately reading, seeking to learn, against all odds, one after another, blood and sacrifice, finally rescued the poor people of the world from the darkness.Especially grandpa MAO, eventually become our great leader and savior, become poor people for thousands of generations of great benefactor!Make our nation become a strong Chinese nation!Lam son!What are you going to be?What will you do in the future for our country, for the Chinese nation?Our today’s society, our country and our people, is a rapid development, race against time to enter the high-tech era, not let you breath, if you don’t study hard now, nothing is useful in the future, China is not strong, the people is not strong, and you in order to survive but to beg, east and west to become modern beggar and slave, no contribution to the state, you think of it, then you just feel regret,What’s the point of living?What’s the use?That’s really a “young idler, old beggar” ah!Yan Zhenqing poetry cloud: night lights five night chicken, it is the man reading.Black hair do not know study early, whitehead party regrets to read later.Three kingdoms period, a great strategist and statesman zhuge kongming and old age in the commandment zishu emphasize (translation) loving warned his son said: there are road flyover, is quiet to cultivate their own, in a simple to cultivate noble moral character, don’t talk passionless will not be able to show their strong ambition, don’t keep quiet cannot achieve lofty ideal.Learning requires quietness and focus. To be able, one must learn. Without learning, one cannot grow.Flattery and indolence do not lead to excellence; intolerance and impetuosity do not lead to character.Age with time in the day by day flying, will with time in the day by day away, those who refuse to work hard will eventually become useless withered leaves and garbage, can not inherit the cause of predecessors, can only sadly guard their own will collapse of the broken hut, at that time, regret and how!MAO Zedong’s grandfather said meaningfully to the young generation: “The world is yours, but also ours.But it’s yours at the end of the day.You young people are full of vigor and vitality. Like the sun at eight or nine in the morning, hope rests on you.Youth all over the country!”Dad has been studying hard all his life, has been living a farming life, insist on reading and writing every day, why can’t you do it?Don’t you feel ashamed?Don’t you regret it in the future?Lam son!With the blue sky when paper, the sea when ink, also write my infinite hope for you!My dear son!You are the hope of our family in the future!Your generation is the hope of our country!The hope of the nation!I sincerely hope that you will study hard and work hard for the future.Serve the people heart and soul like Grandpa MAO Zedong!My son!While you are still small, this letter is I give you a cup of strange bitter “regret medicine”, to savor it carefully!I hope you calm reading, to police your innocent childlike innocence!Wish you success in your studies!My father is Yang Fenghua