Buzzing mosquitoes are so annoying that there are five kinds of “mosquito repellent” plants near the windowsill door that mosquitoes walk around

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The temperature rose so fast that mosquitoes were found in the house and finally eliminated.It’s not easy to get bitten.Do the math on your fingers, this summer is really fast.Annoying mosquitoes will also be more and more, these two days are moving out of the green plants and flowers, I am afraid of raw insects flying around the house, but this mosquito really feel is pervasive, very annoying existence.And some plants, mosquito is very nasty, raise on windowsill a few, can have the effect that prevents mosquito to take the door, a lot of people feel it doesn’t matter greatly use, but who raises who knows, individual feeling still has effect.Juanzi and a look at mosquitoes hate which flowers and plants, now you can raise up.Rosemary rosemary is a kind of spice, many people like to raise some, easy to use when cooking.And its fragrance has a lot of people smell not used to, do not know how, that kind of unique fragrance, I particularly like to smell, perennial home, as for cooking seasoning is really not used, it seems to be used for western food.I have to say, the smell of rosemary is also very annoying to mosquitoes, and it basically goes around.Place rosemary in Windows, doorways and other areas where mosquitoes can easily enter your home. It will not completely block, but it will be very effective.And the smell of rosemary is repellent to mosquitoes, but it is a very good regulator for us humans, which can relieve fatigue and relieve the spirit.If you don’t like the smell, I suggest you smell it for a while and you’ll like it.2, touch your sweet touch your sweet is a magical plant, can send out a faint apple fragrance, but if you touch the leaves, it will send out a relatively strong apple aroma, therefore, the characteristics of this name and it must be inseparable, which we like to smell the fragrance, the mosquito is really annoying,They get dizzy when they smell the scent, so touching the scent is also a good repellent.On windowsill protect touch touch sweet, can drive mosquito already, still can decorate your windowsill, why not?And, if your home touch incense enough large strains, you can pick some leaves down, mashed and diluted with water, spraying indoor, can also play a mosquito repellent effect, like pure ecological toilet water.In addition to ornamental, fresh air, mosquito repellent, it can also be eaten, no matter for cooking soup, or used for salad is very good oh, you can also dry the leaves to drink tea.It’s nice to keep a few POTS at home if you like.3, lavender in my bedroom balcony, have the habit of lavender, but also like to make the lavender into dry flower, make it sleeping pillow, the fragrance of lavender is very charming, which keeps the fragrance of the flavor of the mosquito is exactly the most afraid of, put go up in windowsill, lavender always sending out inviting fragrance, mosquitoes will walk around.Many people have told me that lavender should not be kept in the bedroom, it will cause insomnia.I sometimes think, this is where to hear, lavender is to help sleep, put a pot of lavender in the bedroom, to your sleep will also help, but can not put too much, floral fragrance is too rich to the body is not very good.And rich lavender flowers can also make mosquitoes lose their sense of direction, because mosquitoes rely on the sense of smell to find food, the fragrance is too strong, directly make mosquitoes confused, where there is lavender, there is no mosquito figure.4, Moxa moxa also has a certain drive away effect on mosquitoes, it has a unique smell, although not to fragrance, but it is not bad, and mosquitoes will feel too bad, maybe also die, not only has a drive away effect on mosquitoes, but also can kill them.You can also put mugwort near doors and Windows. Mosquitoes will stay away from these places.Cultivation of Mugwort no big requirements, normal breeding on the line, but as we all know, potted plants, congenital are insufficient, can use nutritional soil, try not to use pastoral soil, through normal water and fertilizer conservation, Mugwort potted can grow strong, play a role in protecting us from being disturbed by mosquitoes.Insect repellent, a lot of people say it’s useless.Don’t drive the mosquito, but my family drive midge grass had quite a number of years, the individual feels or useful, keep in close to the balcony, it can grow very high, I am in multi-topping directly, it not only thrive, and easy to easy to live, it can naturally exudes a smell, the smell let mosquitoes flee far away, don’t want to close to it, so will be referred to as drive midge grass.I have a friend who keeps a pot of mosquito repellent in his house.I just want to say, you have a fist-sized drive midge grass can have much effect, said responsibly, you in the balcony, or the window sill keep a few drive midge grass, it must be some effect, keep mosquitoes away from your home, but front also said, it is good to feed, also no need special attention on maintenance, normal breeding.Mosquitoes cannot be eradicated. Even if you live in a place 50 stories high, there will still be mosquitoes in your home. The buzzing mosquitoes will make you restless and upset when you sleep.And the plant that these have drive mosquito action to mosquito, raise a few POTS in the home, be more appropriate?I am juanzi, come and grow flowers with me!