Grasp the traditional advantages of innovative marketing rules, the successful transformation and upgrading of duck neck

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Branding, youth, fashion is the new direction of enterprise transformation and upgrading in recent years, the main reason is to cater to the market demand of the current mainstream consumer groups.For the leisure brine industry, grasp the taste needs of young people is the key.To this end, unique taste duck neck based on the premise of traditional advantages, constantly upgrading marketing strategies, with new products, new gameplay to meet the taste and consumer psychological needs of a new generation of young people.In fact, casual stewed products like duck neck bring diners more than just taste happiness.It’s no secret that the casual halogen circuit has always been a competitive one, but duck Neck is a giant in the industry for a number of reasons.One of the most important things is that Duck Neck keeps up with the trend and knows how to use innovative products to touch the hearts of consumers in the new era.So before the unique taste of duck neck launched the “unique taste of small red duck” shake cup, it is very attractive to consumers.It is understood that “absolutely taste little red duck” is absolutely taste duck neck and little red book jointly launched limited edition new products, cool red cup packaging design, very in line with the current young cool fashion concept.At the same time, duck Neck introduces southeast Asian flavors into duck neck products with unique flavors of laksa, doo doo curry, lemon fragrance, Sawadika Tom yam and cumin to pry open people’s hearts and curiosity.Coupled with the DIY version of the shake creative eating method, to bring consumers not only the taste of enjoyment, but also the excellent experience of DIY food.It is not hard to see that duck neck can be located in the industry head for many years, and its grasp of its own development and consumer mind is inseparable.On the one hand, Duck Neck continues to meet consumer demand and develop itself to give consumers a sense of satisfaction and happiness.On the other hand, the unique taste of duck neck know their own advantages, always adhering to the “deep cultivation of duck neck main business, the construction of food ecology” business policy, relying on the existing “cold chain fresh, day with the store” supply chain ability, to give consumers fresh delicious lo food.Because of this, duck neck can always sit firmly leisure lo taste of the track, by the audience from the young circle.