In 2021, 23 billion yuan will be returned from unemployment insurance

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Xinhua News Agency Beijing, February 6 (Reporter Jiang Lin)The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security recently learned that In 2021, China will continue to implement eight policies to reduce the burden of unemployment insurance, stabilize employment and expand employment, including the universal unemployment insurance stabilization and return policy, spending nearly 100 billion yuan in employment subsidies, a total of 4.06 million enterprises received unemployment insurance stabilization and return funds of 23 billion yuan.Unemployment insurance stable return is a support policy to reduce the burden of enterprises and benefit workers.The operation of Xingtai Public Transport Co., Ltd. in Hebei Province has encountered difficulties due to the impact of COVID-19.The person in charge of the labor relations department of the company said that in 2021, the company was in urgent need of funds to stabilize the staff, and obtained 208,900 yuan to return funds to stabilize the post, which met the urgent need.In 2021, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will relax the standards for the rate of job stability and layoff return of unemployment insurance, increase the proportion of small, medium and micro enterprises to return jobs, and give more priority to industries heavily affected by the epidemic, such as accommodation, catering, cultural tourism, transportation, wholesale and retail, effectively reducing the burden on enterprises and ensuring job stability and increasing employment.It is understood that, in order to further simplify the process, reduce the burden of enterprises, more than 20 provinces across the country to explore the implementation of the new model of “no application is enjoy”, that is, through data comparison, directly to meet the requirements of the enterprise funds.In Tianjin, for example, the human resources and social security department has “found” 97,800 eligible enterprises. By the end of 2021, 87,700 enterprises had received 510 million yuan of unemployment insurance funds returned to them.(Source: Xinhua)