Japanese commuting is back in fashion in early spring. Learn these tips and you’ll be a little girl at work

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Wearing the traditional dark color is the traditional dress, coupled with the original unique professional atmosphere of the workplace, a few hours a day down is really very nervous ah, at this time you fairies might as well find a new way to add some color on the basis of the original dress, which can not only mediate the mood but also integrate the workplace atmosphere.”Japanese commuter style” is different from traditional commuter style in temperament.As we all know, commuting style is not as a dress to attend important meetings or places, but as a normal work, in the office usually wear, the overall elegant and decent, with professional quality is ok, do not need to highlight the thick professional style, the whole person is dull.Today xiaobian will focus on explaining to you the “Japanese commuting style” dress collocation rules.What skills should we pay attention to when wearing “Japanese commuting style”?Tip 1: It is necessary to retain the basic items of “commuting style”. The so-called “classic is immortal”, commuting style generally gives people a kind of elegant and confident temperament, which will be reflected with their professional accomplishment, and give people a professional feeling.You can’t do it without a shirt.Shirt this kind of single product itself has a clean breath, loose and suitable version is very modify figure, wear on the body looks symmetrical and decent, full of self-confidence and professional temperament.Is given priority to with white shirt was a bit of a see more, whether single or match the suit jacket is classical collocation, but for the daily commute, unavoidable squeamish serious, this time can choose a more pure and fresh and a little light color fastens, light blue is a good choice, retained the original spell able, elegant, smooth add a fresh again.Tip 2: Choose the right dress For your daily commute, fairies can also wear beautiful dresses, such as shirt-dresses and knit dresses.First of all, the shirt-skirt is slightly improved on the basis of the original shirt and top. It has become a skirt that can well interpret the female charm, and retains the thick commuting wind. It is a Japanese commuter wear that will not overturn the car completely.For knitted dresses, fairies can choose a medium saturation color that is neither too bright nor too dull to look dull. This color is easy to maintain a good mood.In addition, choose the style that suits your figure, not blindly choose a slim style, like the above three kinds of skirt is loose and comfortable and very Japanese commuting wind feeling.Above, the overall color of Japanese commuting style tends to earth color, which is very suitable for women in the workplace, with a sense of familiarity and femininity.The loose version is comfortable and not sloppy, with white elegant skirt, the whole is very harmonious with texture, is a delicate daily commuting little sister.Fashion wear match (2) : shirt + hip skirt on the left is the traditional shirt with skirt, black and white minimalist wear match revealed a strong workplace atmosphere, but it appears dull and dull, covering up the advantages of women.On the right, the overall collocation tends to be light color. The blue shirt is very intellectual and beautiful, which is very suitable for the workplace. Then, it is matched with a light gray hip skirt, which looks very fuzzy and saturated.Today about “Japanese commuting style” wear xiaobian is introduced here, you like the style as soon as possible to try.