Line 5 is not the only major part of lanzhou New Area’s plan for three major transportation systems

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When it comes to the rise of Lanzhou New Area, it is inseparable from the development demand of Lanzhou main urban area.As we can see, due to the narrow basin topography, Lanzhou gradually loses more space, the industry cannot be arranged, and the population gradually reaches the control target. Only the expansion of the city can solve the hard demand of Lanzhou’s development. The new district was selected, and lanzhou’s “one heart and two wings” development pattern was implemented effectively.Lanzhou New Area is located in the Qinwangchuan Basin in the north of Lanzhou, in the middle of the symbiotic zone of three provincial capitals. It is a comprehensive transportation hub planned and constructed by the state, and an important window and portal for gansu to communicate with the domestic and international.Due to its important geographical location, the policy support of state-level new district construction, and the planning and implementation of lanzhou’s development pattern, The development of Lanzhou New District is in full swing.However, in so many years of development, distance and transportation have always been an unavoidable topic in Lanzhou New Area.Under the background of the rapid development of the new area, more and more people are pouring into Lanzhou New Area, and more and more plans are landing in Lanzhou New Area, which needs a strong transportation system to support.The distance between the new area and the main urban area of Lanzhou makes traffic become the most critical link in the development of the new area.Undoubtedly, as the main driving force of urban development, traffic not only connects cities, but also transports people and logistics for urban development. It can be said that traffic has a decisive impact on the flow of factors of production and the development of urban system.As far as the development of the new area is concerned, traffic plays an even more important role.Recently, the “14th Five-year” Transportation Development Plan of Lanzhou New Area was released, which upgraded the transportation plan of aviation, railway and highway. From the plan, we can see the future transportation layout of this area after upgrading.Aviation: to build an international airport hub, strengthen direct travel flights with Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport as the core, and improve the network layout of trunk and branch routes.Open and encrypt routes and flights between airports in the province and major tourist source cities at home and abroad, and form an air network connecting tourist sources inside and outside the province.Continue to promote the phase III expansion of Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, improve the airport’s region-oriented collection and distribution system, and focus on the construction of major transportation projects such as the Lanzhou-Zhangsan-4th Line Zhongchuan International Airport to Wuwei section, the airport comprehensive transportation hub loop railway project, the Middle Passage expressway, and the T3 Terminal connection line.To establish a comprehensive transport information service platform, integrate civil aviation and railway information resources, promote the network of transfer passengers’ travel information, promote mutual recognition of security checks, information sharing and the “one-ticket system” for air and railway combined transport, and provide passengers with the interconnection, real-time update, timely release and convenient inquiry of comprehensive transport information.An air-rail ticket ticketing system will be established to provide online ticket selling services for air and train tickets, so as to help passengers choose the connecting time of civil aviation flights and high-speed trains intelligently and realize seamless transfer.Railway: To construct an efficient passenger railway network with “one ring, two horizontal and four vertical” networks, improve the layout of freight railways, optimize regional railway transportation organization, actively relieve the pressure of railway hubs in lanzhou’s main urban areas, and undertake the functions of non-main urban areas.We will optimize the railway trunk network, complete the China-Lanzhou Passenger railway line and lanzhou-Zhangsan-4th Line, actively promote the speed improvement of the China-Sichuan intercity railway, and plan the construction of Lanzhou suburban railway (Rail Line 5) and the eastern ring Line for passenger transport.By 2035, a railway skeleton network of “one ring, two horizontal lines and four vertical lines” will be constructed, consisting of the airport railway ring line, the China-Malaysia railway, Zhuzhou-China Railway and the China-Lanzhou-China Passenger Railway forming two horizontal lines, and the China-Sichuan Inter-city Railway, lanzhou-Zhangsan-4th Line, Rail Line 5, Bao-Lan Railway and the eastern Ring Line for passenger transport forming four vertical lines.According to the plan, the new area will focus on the regional connectivity positioning of “expanding to the east, descending to the south, connecting to the west and connecting to the north,” to promote the integration of external transport construction.Speed up the construction of expressways such as zhongpassageway and zhongchuan Airport T3 terminal connection line, as well as the Baiyin to Zhongchuan section of G341 line, and strengthen the connection between Lanzhou New Area, the main urban area and Baiyin City.G341 Zhongchuan-Heqiao section and S102 Zhongchuan-Longquan Highway, lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport living area diversion project will be implemented.Planning the construction of zhongchuan to Anning fast passage, Zhongchuan to Shidong to Shichuan highway, Zhongchuan to Shuifu to Zhonghe to Yanchi area (new east line) construction projects, strengthen lanzhou New Area and Anning District, Shidong Town, Shuifu town and Shichuan town and other surrounding areas of the fast connection channel.We will adhere to the strategy of giving priority to the development of public transportation, and strive to significantly increase the coverage of public transportation networks and the sharing of trips by 2025.There are 80 bus lines and 800 buses in operation to achieve full coverage within 500 meters of bus stops in the central city.Lanzhou New Area has a wide geographical space, which is undoubtedly a good choice for the development and transition of the main urban area.The transportation plan of the 14th Five-year Plan aims to create seamless “air-rail combined transportation” and prepare for the construction of rail Line 5, so as to promote the integrated construction of external transportation, which will make the distance and transportation factors that originally restricted the development of the new area become its economic advantages.It can be expected that when the “fourteenth Five-year” transportation development plan is completed as scheduled, it will be the time when the economic development of Lanzhou New Area will reach a higher level.