Not worth it!A woman in Anhui province carried her family to her boyfriend’s home for Chinese New Year

2022-07-24 0 By

Few days ago, hefei in anhui, a girl to her boyfriend home for the holiday, video let friends angry, video display, girls secretly hide from her family during Chinese New Year, ran to the boyfriend home to New Year’s day, girls also anticipation, there will be a bit nervous in the heart, afraid of don’t know what to say when I meet you, just didn’t know the girl all worry is redundant, the boys home later,The girl didn’t get any attention as her boyfriend’s mother only cooked three vegetarian dishes for her.The girl said that she came to her boyfriend’s home secretly for the Spring Festival, and did not tell her family. She thought her boyfriend’s parents would at least be more enthusiastic when they knew she was coming, but she did not expect such a situation. She felt very sad at that time, feeling that she was not valued by her boyfriend’s family.”It’s too late to turn back now. Such a family is really not suitable for taking the initiative to pay. If you can leave, you’d better leave as soon as possible, otherwise you will be the one suffering at the end.”In the final analysis or their own problems, to think why there is such a move, believe that you will consider “once again” is worth you know, there are some things there is no need to say too clear, at the very least, an attitude is to win a few, the most basic attitude did not go to be invite humiliation “in my opinion, it’s a nice woman behavior speechless, if is a bit of a temper,May be the first time to leave, at the same time will see her boyfriend’s attitude, he does not do to express the words can be separated, I believe that really put a person in the heart, must not be such a state.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment.