Poet Szymborska: Looking down on the metaphorical association caused by “a dead beetle lying on the dirt road”

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Wislawa Szymboska is a proud poetess of Poland. The country’s president praised her as “the guardian of the nation’s spirit”.In 1996, Szymborska won the Nobel Prize for Literature, enjoying the “Mozart of poetry” “Poland’s Sappho (Sappho: ancient Greek poetess, the tenth goddess of literature and art) of the glorious title.Szymborska wrote 20 volumes of poetry and nearly 400 poems during her lifetime.”I prefer the absurdity of writing poetry to the absurdity of not writing poetry.”Zymboska, a Polish poetess, is good at sifting what she sees and hears in daily life from real life, and developing thought-provoking themes from it by means of metaphor and association.These contents touch on the relationship between man and nature, man and society, man and history, man and love.Good structure, each with its own characteristics.His poem “Overlooking” can be seen.On the dirt road lay a dead beetle, its three pairs of tiny feet carefully folded on its belly. There was no sign of death — only regularity and order.The horror of seeing this was greatly relieved…Their humble souls do not haunt our dreams, they keep their distance and keep their place.So the dead beetle lay on the road, unmourned, gleaming in the sun.One look at a cat always makes you wonder: it looks like nothing bad has happened.The big events are all left to us.For our life and our death.A death whose importance is exaggerated and exaggerated.A beetle lay dead on the dirt road.The final gesture of life is “orderliness and order”, it thanks the world with rigor and solemnity!Such scenes are as common as the fading of flowers and the fading of leaves, but the author’s keen thinking and metaphor precipitated the profound connotation of the relationship between man and nature: every creature has its reason for existence;Every life is tenacious, but also fragile.The death of a lowly beetle deserves human compassion and respect.A world where all things coexist is full of infinite wisdom.Its abundance, its generosity and its vagaries are beyond human prediction, much less control.Dust, from which man comes, and to which he returns, is but a passer-by of the world, and must not condescend, look down upon, or ignore the existence of other beings.Understanding the metaphorical meaning of “Overlooking” makes us once again shy of the conceit that “man dominates all living things”.The real freedom that human beings seek should come from strong self-discipline and self-reflection.”You know who you are by reading your poems.”What was Simboska like?”She understands others, empathizes with the weak and is extremely tolerant of others,” Poland’s culture minister said in a statement.She only expected to live modestly.She thought about the world calmly and soberly with a calm, kind and generous heart, and dealt with serious subjects with deep wisdom and frankness.Wislawa Szymboska crossed over from Poland, and her brilliant works and brilliant ideas produced profound Revelations that even she herself had not anticipated.The meaning of metaphor is to make profound become simple and concrete. Simboska’s “Overlooking view” tells us that there are still __ “long impression”!Polish scenery (photo from Internet, thank you very much.If there is any improper, immediately delete.