Spring pruning of jasmine is very important. How should it be pruned?

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Jasmine flowers, plants and comely, flowering simple but elegant, delicate and charming, beautiful and its flowers, fragrant aftertaste letting a person, now that the Spring Festival has passed, the temperature began to rise slowly, jasmine will bud germination, to the New Year the jasmine flower, delicate and charming, we should learn to clip, so jasmine flower in the spring how to cut?Talk about my view simply below, communicate with friends, hope to be able to protect jasmine to help somewhat to everybody!When do jasmine flowers get pruned in spring?Jasmine, pruning to germinate in the spring before, if the specific time, roughly around qingming festival, the temperature has stabilized, jasmine will sprout, the effect of pruning is the best at this moment, because our country north and south latitude difference is bigger, the south region can be a little early for a few days, can also be appropriate to delay according to the circumstance in northern China.Two, how should undertake pruning to jasmine in spring?When pruning jasmine, we should first put too close branches, the branches of the cross, and sick to trim off the branches, so that can be too long after pruning branches short, dense branches, cross branches, such as disease branch weak branches cut off, the long branches to cut short, so after pruning, can reduce useless nutrient consumption, also can improve the light,Let jasmine put the main energy used in the germination of new branches, jasmine flowers are based on the flowering of new branches, the quality of germination of new branches improved, the quality of flowering will improve naturally.In addition, after we trim, jasmine germination of the new main branch, can not let its growth, to pick the heart in the new branch to about ten centimeters, pick the heart can promote the thick trunk, can also be conducive to jasmine flower branch, let the plant type more satisfactory, more delicate and charming bloom.Three, what should we pay attention to after trimming jasmine flowers?We clip before jasmine, we can undertake disinfection of scissors, cut after can use drugs to disinfection of the wound, the wound did not heal completely before, to ban wound stained with water, and then pay attention to the jasmine flower is put in sunny and warm place, such a jasmine flower bud germination speed is faster, sprout growth will be more healthy and strong.Of course, after jasmine pruning, but also pay attention to fertilization, remind is that fertilization can not be too early, should be in the temperature rise to more than 15 degrees, then the root of jasmine will have vitality, to better absorb nutrients, fertilization early root no vitality, absorption will not hurt the root.When fertilizing, we can use some decomposed organic fertilizer, which can improve the soil, can improve the quality of jasmine flowers, greatly improve the quality of flowering.Four, sum up our spring maintenance of jasmine, but also pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to the right amount of watering, in view of the early spring temperature is a little low, root vitality is not enough, we should maintain the plant material is slightly dry.Finally, if our jasmine flower maintenance time is relatively long, the soil may be hardened or alkalized, then we suggest friends to change the pot to change the soil in time, after changing the pot to change the soil, the growth of jasmine will obviously become prosperous.The above is my personal opinion and view, the level limit may have inappropriate, please friends criticism and correction, thank you!