Zhengzhou issued 810 million yuan of prize and subsidy funds to help small and medium-sized enterprises

2022-07-24 0 By

The reporter learned from the Finance Department of Henan Province that Recently, Zhengzhou city issued awards and subsidies of 810 million yuan to help small and medium-sized enterprises, helping zhengzhou manufacturing industry high-quality development.It is understood that the 810 million yuan of prize and subsidy funds distributed by Zhengzhou includes 580 million yuan of special funds for high-quality development of Zhengzhou manufacturing industry.It will be used to support the expansion of strategic emerging enterprises, and accelerate the development of smart equipment enterprises, electronic information key manufacturing enterprises, software and information technology service enterprises and other key emerging areas.At the same time, the special fund of Zhengzhou automobile industry development is 170 million yuan.It is used to support the listing of new products, improve the independent brand competitiveness of zhengzhou vehicle enterprises, encourage the construction of local supporting system, cultivate parts enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and promote the improvement of parts localization rate;We will encourage independent research and development, support the development of data platforms for new energy and intelligent and connected vehicles, increase r&d support for new energy vehicles, support enterprises in market expansion and upgrading, and increase the utilization rate of their production capacity.It also includes the special fund of zhengzhou aluminum industry transformation and upgrading of 60 million yuan.It will be used to support aluminum intensive and deep processing enterprises to increase the added value of their products, improve the quality and efficiency of their products, encourage enterprises to develop high-purity alumina and other new materials, and increase r&d support for enterprises.It is reported that all the funds allocated through the “qingqing online” policy cashing direct platform directly to enterprises, involving 502 industrial enterprises in Zhengzhou city, 712 projects, further boost the confidence of enterprise development, support enterprise rescue to solve difficulties.At present, huiqi capital has been fully in place.Editor Zhou Yiguang (according to Henan News Broadcast)