Civilized practice does not close!Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is full of “voluntary green”

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The Spring Festival holiday is a time for family reunion, but the volunteers of Zhujiajiao Town Community Volunteer Service Center carry forward the volunteer spirit and practice the concept of serving the people, and choose to spend the Spring Festival holiday in the volunteer service of Zhujiajiao ancient town scenic spot.Every day, more than 80 volunteers carry out epidemic prevention and control, human flow guidance, order maintenance, civilization publicity, garbage picking up and other voluntary services, which become a beautiful scenery in the festival.”Click add Exit and fill in your own information…”Zhujiajiao ancient town, as a popular destination for Spring Festival tourism, has attracted a large number of citizens and tourists to play these days. The sudden increase in human flow has brought a lot of pressure to the order management of the ancient town.In order to ensure the entrance of the scenic spot, the volunteer team set up a special epidemic prevention and control team to assist the staff at the entrance to maintain order, explain to tourists how to make reservations by themselves, remind tourists to cooperate with temperature measurement, show double code, and guide tourists to enter the scenic spot orderly.”Children, to civilized travel, please wear masks.”In the scenic spot, volunteers from the epidemic prevention and control group will constantly patrol to remind tourists to wear masks correctly, and also give tourists limited number of small tiger ornaments, which not only remind tourists to civilized travel, but also send blessings for the New Year.”Go ahead, go ahead, don’t stop, watch your step, watch out for slippery road.”When visiting Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, Fangsheng Bridge is an unmissable spot for taking photos. During holidays, it is the area with the most concentrated crowds. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, the volunteer team has set up an order maintenance team and arranged special personnel to guide the crowds at fangsheng Bridge, Beidajie and other points prone to crowds gathering.”Be careful!This stone is very slippery. Please take the middle step.”Due to rainy days, the stone road in the ancient town is quite slippery, which can easily lead to tourists falling down.After learning of the situation, the order maintenance group immediately sent more staff, in the easy to fall location to arrange volunteers to remind.”On rainy days, the road is slippery, so we remind the elderly to pay attention to the safety of their feet. During the service, our team members will actively cooperate with the public security and security personnel. If there is an emergency, we will actively deploy volunteers to deal with it and maintain order.”Volunteer Ding Xiaomu introduction.As the “signboard” of zhujiajiao Community Volunteer Service Center, “Pick up” is carried out in the ancient town scenic spot all year round.Taking advantage of the Spring Holiday, Yang Yinxin, a resident of the ancient town, took her granddaughter Huang Aitong to participate in the volunteer service. Although the sky was sleet and snow, they were enthusiastic about picking up, no matter which corner of cigarette butts and bags they hid, they could not escape their eyes.”During the Spring Festival holiday, it is very meaningful for children to volunteer for public welfare activities. After the holiday, her activities will be reduced. Participating in public welfare activities will enable her to develop morally, intellectually, physically, physically, and physically, and work in an all-round way.Yang Yinxin said.It is reported that during the Spring Festival holiday, the Community volunteer Service center of Zhujiajiao Town arranged two volunteer public service activities every day, from 8:30 am to 4 PM. The volunteers practiced public welfare with actions and warmed the town with love.Reporter: Li Shuangjiu photography: Li Shuangjiu Editor: Sun Jinghao Responsible editor: Sun Chen Reprint please indicate from “green Qingpu” official wechat