Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the “2022 Guiyang New Year Goods Festival”

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In order to further implement the strategic deployment of comprehensively promoting consumption by the central Government, the province and the city, promote the quality and capacity expansion of consumption, enrich the market for the Spring Festival, and boost the “stable opening” of the consumer market in the first quarter of 2022, Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the “2022 Guiyang Spring Festival Goods Festival” to promote consumption.The theme of the event is “Tiger, Tiger, Prosperity, Home, Cool and Buy Guiyang”, including a launching ceremony, three themed activities and nine regional activities.Among them, the “2022 Guiyang New Year Goods Festival launch ceremony and Qingyun Road Pedestrian Street Opening Ceremony” was held on January 20.Three games theme activities is a car rebates, combined with the car before and after the Spring Festival season, the car-buying subsidy activity the continuation of the fourth quarter of 2021, through the participation enterprise to complete the purchase, in colorful treasure platform declare subsidies, according to the invoice amount for consumers to purchase new energy vehicles and fuel subsidies, guide and inspire consumers purchase intention,Stimulate and stimulate automobile consumption.Second, colorful Guizhou · Warm Heart Consumption Season – Automobile Consumption Festival South Guiyang Station exhibition, will be held in Guiyang (Mengguan) International Automobile Trade Center from January 1, 2022 to January 16, 2022.Third, the 2022 Guiyang Online Spring Festival, from late January to February 15, encourage and support key shopping malls and supermarkets to collect rich Spring Festival products, open offline stores to open “Spring Festival shopping street”, and carry out online sales through small programs, online shopping malls and other channels, to achieve “Spring Festival shopping home”;At the same time, it cooperated with e-commerce platforms such as Yima Guizhou, Meituan Preferred, Duoomai and so on to carry out “Online New Year goods Festival”, selected best-selling commodities, carried out discount promotion activities, and promoted the consumption of Guiyang New Year festival.Nine regional activities include “Ming hui enjoyed life consumption season”, “look at brocade carp, consumption and polite” activities, qingzhen, 2022 Spring Festival, YunYan spring series of promotional activities, huaxi district “New Year” “New Year” to promote consumption, “winter tourist in Ukraine, when” activities, “warm winter, the quality white clouds” activity, map of xifeng new consumption promoting month,Kaiyang Spring Festival promotion activities.During the activity, all cities and counties, the main business circle, focus on urban commercial complex, key retail enterprise, activity platform will revolve around them to specialty, grain and oil food, clothing beauty makeup the life consumption, carry out various forms, rich in content, high quality, affordable promotional activities, active holiday market, create a good consumption environment, promote the common prosperity of urban and rural market, to better promote consumption quality upgrade.(Source: Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce)