Still complaining about the five-seater squeezing the whole family into the six-seater Smart-Suv The New 580 will take care of that

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Under the double collision of large multi-population family base and consumption upgrade, the traditional five-seat car has been difficult to meet and adapt to the new market demand.Especially among the mainstream consumer groups of 10-120,000, they continue to prefer SUVs and have more specific requirements for cars, that is, large space, comfort and family service.Therefore, the mid-sized SUV with its own characteristics is likely to become the first choice for multi-population families.Recently, The Scenery brand also launched a family as the origin, to interpret the new needs of the era of six seats smart SUV – Scenery 580.A comfortable home is a comfortable home.Clearly, none of the five-seater models can handle the needs of a multi-population family.Therefore, compared with the five-seater, the advantage of the six-seater is that the independent seats in the second row reserve certain leisure space, which provides convenience for entering the third row.At the same time, independent seats bring better comfort to the second row of passengers, whether respect the old or love the young, are no longer a single choice of consumers.However, five and six seats should never be just a structural difference in seat space.Fengshuxin 580 knows that family travel should be relaxing and warm.Therefore, its six-seater is only the basic consideration for multi-population family travel, and its all-dimensional comfort is the trump card that makes it superior to other five-seater cars.So you’ll find that the new 580, 4720mm by 1865mm by 1710mm, with a wheelbase of 2785mm, allows second-row passengers to freely adjust their seats to a comfortable relaxing Angle and enjoy the comfort of first-class hospitality.The independently designed second row seats are not only comfortable to ride, but also support adjustment of 4-way electric and 4-way waist support, matching independent armrests and aero-grade sleeping headrest.If traveling with the whole family, for elderly parents, sitting in two rows of seats with arms placed on independent armrests, ergonomic design can effectively make the body and the seat fit, armrests play a very good support role;Not only that, the seat can also be electric waist adjustment, the head can be easily attached to the headrest, this kind of solid comfort will let the family feel at ease!It is worth mentioning that on the scenery new 580, you can also see the seat ventilation/heating function rarely carried by 100,000 class models on the two rows of seats, and take care of the people you care about the most, feeling the beauty of warm winter and cool summer.Seeing older parents and young children in the rearview mirror, no longer having to shuffle like a five-seater to find the right position, makes you feel better about your ability to be the breadwinner and create a comfortable space for your family to love.Not only that, with the support of Huawei HiCar smart Internet, The Scenery new 580 brings a new era of family, more convenient and more warm life style, long-distance travel for family care is no longer missing.On the one hand, the mobile phone is connected to the car in seconds without feeling. All family members can experience millions of rich applications of mobile phone on the New 580 car. They can surf the car to their heart’s content by listening to music, reading news and searching navigation, and actively participate in the use of the car, making the car no longer rigid.Huawei HiCar wisdom, on the other hand, Internet also let the scene is the new users enjoy the people – car – 580 of the whole scene intelligent linking is convenient, open “mode to home” or “home” mode, in the car can be a key control intelligent household, can remote control of home lighting, air conditioning, sweep robot, a variety of intelligent household equipment such as air purifier, enjoy the relaxed and comfortable.The addition of remotely controlled vehicles also allows the head of the household to control the air-conditioning in advance.Hot summer, the car heat wave has been eliminated, so that the family does not have to wait for the car cooling;In cold winter, it is considerate to let the children go to school in the morning.In addition, Fengxin 580 is equipped with high-quality intelligent car audio adjustment system, which can bring movie-level auditory enjoyment to every family member on the car. The whole family can no longer listen to children’s songs/crosstalk/opera for long/short driving.Bring temple effect to the whole family at any time.Medium-sized SUV, six seats, comfortable, high intelligence, high value, this is the scenery new 580 to multi-population family travel understanding.Five configuration models were launched, with the price range of 95,900 to 129,900, fully taking into account the real purchasing power and demand of multi-level family users within this budget range.