Tears fall!Sui Wenjing burst into tears after China’s champion figure skating team won the gold medal

2022-07-25 0 By

On February 19, Beijing time, the Winter Olympics continued, this day for the double figure skating event of the free skating competition, in the competition, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong finally overcome many difficulties to win the gold medal of the Winter Olympics, Sui Wenjing was also very excited, crying in her partner’s arms with rain!This pair skating project can be described as a master stroke, in the first round of the short program Sui Wenjing, Han Cong two good performance, with an extremely perfect interpretation of the score of 84.41 points, successfully outstanding short program harvest first.Although short program performance is good, but Han Cong SuiWenJing want title or difficult, because they almost surrounded by combination with Russia, tara suo Eva, as morozov got 84.25 points in the short program, and the other a group of enemy sheena, Gary prioritized gained 82.76 points, is the combination of two of Russia’s strength is very strong.After entering the free program, “green barrel combination” relatively late, and combination of several groups of Russia was the first to show, tara suo Eva, as morozov play good, although the technology points almost a little, but overall scored 155 points, so the pressure will give to the late appearance Han Cong and SuiWenJing, two people must be more than tara, Eva, as morozov to goldenIn before and after the attack, SuiWenJing Han Cong equivalent to the force, two people performing repertoire is in the free skate “golden bridge over troubled water”, the melody rang, two people will cooperate with the tacit understanding of dance on the stage, two people do difficult moves jump around, a complete set of movements down SuiWenJing Han Cong performance perfect.After the performance, Sui Wenjing and Han Cong waited for the score very nervously, and finally announced the score of 155.47, which means that the total score of the two reached 239.88, successfully surpassing the Russian combination, so the green onion bucket combination also smoothly won the gold medal!After that result, SuiWenJing also excited, for this hard-earned gold MEDALS SuiWenJing lying in partner Han Cong arms crying, have to say that our green barrel combination is really good, this gold medal is also a significant, to know that this is our country sport 12 years won the gold medal in the Olympics again,, Han Cong SuiWenJing really great!