Why is waterproof the link that cannot be ignored in home decoration?

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In the process of domestic outfit, waterproof is very important.However, a lot of people do not know much about home decoration waterproof, did not pay attention to, some owners think that the new house has been waterproof before delivery, decoration need not do, some owners have been decorated even do not know waterproof.Which parts need to be waterproof?How to control the waterproof construction of this important link?There are not a few owners who have a vague understanding of these problems.1, residential areas need to do waterproof?A: In principle, any late contact with water is recommended to do waterproof!Include toilet, kitchen and non – complete enclosed balcony to wait.B: In addition to the toilet, kitchen, balcony and other conventional parts, all the outer window edge, toilet and indoor connection of the threshold stone, exposed balcony and indoor connection of high and low threshold stone, sewer pipe mouth, smoke outlet and other node parts should also be waterproof.C: Waterproof construction must be done in the toilet;Kitchen, balcony area is also recommended to do waterproof construction;If there is a basement, the surface of the exterior wall of the basement must be waterproof construction, and the interior wall and top surface of the basement are also recommended to do waterproof treatment.2, how to ensure a better waterproof effect?A: Based on the characteristics of residential indoor corner, small area, now choose easy construction of waterproof coating, which is in the majority of rigid and flexible waterproof coating, so that it can resist certain deformation of the structural base and convenient tile shop paste later.Considering the release of stress, it is necessary to carry out arc treatment in the negative Angle and the mouth of the pipe, and use sealant or quick-setting cement-based materials.Construction of waterproof coating should take the way of thin coating many times, to ensure that the thickness of waterproof coating film meets the requirements and does not crack.B: The idea that “one material and one process can be used everywhere” is wrong!Home decoration waterproof is important to adjust measures to local conditions, according to the specific position and situation of the selection of appropriate materials and construction technology.For example, the waterproof around the window, according to the material of the wall and the material of the window, choose the appropriate waterproof material, choose the appropriate waterproof treatment scheme.If the Windows are backfilled with ordinary mortar or construction waste, be sure to clean up the garbage between the Windows and the brick wall before waterproof, then use non-shrinkage cement mortar for perfusion, and then make flexible waterproof layer and protective layer on the surface, and finally do interior decoration.If only on the surface to do waterproof, water will be the same from the window side or did not do waterproof wall seepage.Other parts, such as balcony, indoor living room threshold stone, must also adapt to local conditions, according to the balcony design, high and low as well as the position of the threshold stone waterproof.C: If there is any stipulation in the contract, it shall be executed according to the stipulation in the contract (the stipulation shall not be lower than the relevant national standard);If there is no agreement in the contract, it shall be implemented according to the relevant national standards.Source | network