Blockbuster!After-school services in primary and secondary schools have been upgraded

2022-07-26 0 By

The new semester begins, hefei primary and secondary schools’ after-school service will usher in a comprehensive upgrade!On the basis of the original “Pratt & Whitney hosting” + “personalized courses”, the “1+X+1” after-school service model is explored.Schools that do not carry out “personalized courses” will start the spring semester.February 15, the reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Education, the new semester, Hefei will continue to implement the “double reduction” measures, the implementation of the ten and national provinces and cities double reduction document requirements, effectively maintain the physical and mental health of students.In terms of after-school services, on the basis of “full coverage of compulsory education schools and full coverage of students in need”, we continue to implement the “5+2” requirements and strive to improve the quality of after-school services.On the one hand, upgrade the service mode.On the basis of the original “Pru Trusteeship” + “personalized courses”, combined with the “double reduction” work requirements, explore the “1+X+1” after-school service mode, namely the first period of “independent learning”, students independently complete written homework, to ensure that primary school students do not work out of school, junior high school students do not solve the problem of school;In the second period, “X”, students choose to participate in school associations, “personalized courses”, homework guidance, etc., to meet students’ various needs such as expanding interests and hobbies, and making up for gaps and shortages.The third session, “Warm Company”, provides extended care services for students with special needs.On the other hand, improve service quality.It requires teachers to answer questions for students during the time of “Pru Hui Hosting”. All schools that do not carry out “personalized courses” will be launched in spring semester, and the school functional venues will be fully explored to increase the number of personalized courses and strive to meet the personalized needs of parents.In addition, teachers as the main force of after-school service should be brought into play.Hefei newspaper science in Hefei Rong media studio, hefei newspaper all media reporter Liu Meimei