Doncic 33+13+15 super triple double!Embiid scored 27+13 points and the sixers fell to fifth in the Eastern Conference

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On February 5th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season is in full swing, the Dallas Mavericks host the Philadelphia 76ers.The two teams met for the first time this season.Entering the game, the Mavericks (29-23) were fifth in the Western Conference, while the 76ers (31-20) were third in the East.The Sixers are now within striking distance of the top seed in the Eastern Conference, just one win behind the bulls as the regular season begins.The 76ers, who finished first in the Eastern Conference last season, have struggled to climb back up to third place after falling out of the top eight.The Sixers struggled early in the season because of injuries, the overall strength of the Eastern Conference and simmons’ walkout.But now that the team is much healthier and the Sixers are getting used to playing without Simmons, they’re starting to catch up in the middle of the regular season.Of course, for the Sixers to go far, they need to get simmons out of the way soon.The Mavericks, on the other hand, have had a decent season.However, the wave god recently “glass man attribute” has been activated, doncic’s personal data compared to last season, there is a certain degree of regression.That makes it all the more necessary for the Mavericks’ role players to step up when the team is in trouble.For this game, the starting lineups are bullock, Smith, Powell, Brunson and Doncic for the Mavericks, and Cebull, Harris, Embiid, Steph Curry and Maxi for the Sixers.Won in the first section starts, Powell jump ball, lone ranger team first to get the ball, Smith opened fire outside a blow, scoring the first ball, the game better than DE Dui the basket caused destruction and two free throws one, also opened for the 76 ers, Smith perimeter firing into a ball again, mid-range jumper has Harris, Powell the basket strong response, the first half of the first quarterThe two teams started a seesaw game, with the scores alternating.Midway through the first quarter, the 76ers took the lead as the Mavericks went into a three-minute scoring drought, and the sixers extended their lead to double digits on inside and out shots from Curry and Harris.The sixers lead the Mavericks by nine points 33-24 in the first quarter.The second game began, the Lone Ranger section phase continued to dumb fire, the two teams points difference up to 16 points.Brunson came to the rescue, scoring 11 points on 3-of-5 shooting in the second quarter as the Mavericks narrowed their deficit to around 10 points.Embiid’s ability to kill wasn’t easy for the Mavericks, as he scored 18 points in the first half, half of them on free throws.The Sixers led the Mavericks by 10 points, 64-53, at halftime.Yi started the second half, but the game changed dramatically in the third quarter, when the Sixers were outpowered and scored only 15 points in the third quarter, while the Mavericks were on their way.Doncic was on fire, repeatedly driving to the paint, scoring 11 points, five rebounds and four assists in a quarter that ended with a triple-double.Doncic recorded his eighth triple-double of the season and 44th of his career, moving past Lafite Triver for 10th place in history.Under doncic’s guidance, the Mavericks led the 76ers by 17 points in the third quarter, leading the team to a six-point comeback, 85-79 after three quarters.In the final quarter, the Sixers were unwilling to reverse, green and Niang scored 5 points in a row, the Sixers will tie the score.However, the Mavericks with home court advantage did not give a chance, Powell, Brunson back-to-back power, doncic and Brunson critical moments a 2+1, directly ended the game.The Mavericks pulled off a 16-point comeback to beat the 76ers 107-98.The Sixers dropped two spots in a row from third to fifth.Statistically speaking, embiid had 27 points and 13 rebounds for the 76ers.Maxie had 18 points and six assists;Harris had 13 points and five assists;Niang, 13;Curry had 11 points.Doncic had 33 points, 13 rebounds and 15 assists for the Mavericks.Brunson had 19 points and five rebounds;Bullock, 20;Powell had 14 points and five rebounds;Smith had 13 points.