New list announced!Another household name project in Hanyang was selected

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Recently, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government announced the seventh batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage representative project list, Hanyang District, “Yellow Crane Tower Hanfen wine brewing skills” (traditional skills) on the list!So far, hanyang have dragon dance, ab, hanyang to yuan temple, yu boya legend, leaf kaitai, traditional Chinese medicine preparation method and the four state-level non-material cultural heritage project, the provincial project 6, 13 municipal projects, district project 62, 1 national inheritance person, provincial heritage 1 person, 12 municipal heritage.Click on to watch the video Yellow crane tower han fenjiu brew craft Yellow crane tower han Fen qing scent wine brewing techniques using daqu, sorghum, and water as the main raw material, the pottery urn fermentation, take a clear exactly, steamed twice clear steps such as brewing liquor flavor types of a traditional skill, in jingchu earth has inherited more than 300 years, is now mainly by the yellow crane tower wine industry base in wuhan.Yellow crane tower han Fen qing scent wine brewing techniques make full use of the climate characteristics of wuhan, taking deep groundwater, the han river waxy sorghum, barley and peas made qing chi qu, after the fire, a red heart melodies as saccharifying leaven, after pottery jars to cylinder low temperature solid-state fermentation, using quadratic qing brewing techniques, steamed yellow crane tower cleaning liquor types “fragrance is pure, elegant coordination, the entry is filled,Fragrance coordination, mellow and refreshing, tail pure fragrant long “unique style.According to records, this skill can be traced back to the first year of Kangxi. People from Hebei came to Wuhan one after another to develop the wine-making industry. At that time, the qingfragrant liquor skill was integrated into the brewing method of Jingchu region, and the liquor made was called “Hanfen”.Later, wuhan area “Li Dayou”, “Lao Tiancheng” and other workshops (the predecessor of yellow Crane Tower wine industry) for the production of Hanfen wine rose one after another.Especially during the Reign of Emperor Guangxu, it is said that the Han Fen wine brewed by Lao Tiancheng was presented to Emperor Guangxu by Zhang Zhidong, thus this skill became famous all over the world.In 1952, “Tiaotiancheng” and other workshops merged into the state-owned South-central wine Experimental factory. In 1953, “Baikang” and “Tongyuan” and other Hanfen wine workshops were merged into the state-owned Wuhan winery.In 1979, the state-owned Wuhan brewery’s production capacity exceeded 10,000 tons, making it the largest brewery in China.In 1984 and 1989, yellow Crane Tower wine made with this technique won the title of “Chinese Famous Wine” for two consecutive times.Excavate historical and cultural deposits and strive to build a strong intangible cultural heritage area.In recent years, hanyang successively established the country’s first building in the community of genetic bearing garden – wuhan, liuzhou, non-material cultural heritage, heritage park, in central China’s first class of traditional Chinese medicine culture blocks – leaf kaitai, traditional Chinese medicine culture blocks, and ab, han embroidery museum, place in Shanghai museum “ab” ChuanXiSuo, illuminating ChuanXiSuo etc. Each has its own characteristics of the pilot sites.”We will further ‘activate’ intangible cultural heritage resources and cultivate the cultural consumption market of intangible cultural heritage under the development model of ‘intangible cultural heritage + cultural innovation’.”District culture and tourism bureau related person in charge said, at present, Hanyang is actively exploring the intangible cultural heritage and the existing Hanyang brand core organic integration, vigorously promote the inheritance and development of intangible cultural heritage and spread, to build a “cultural tourism consumption strong area”.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: