Related to the “new college entrance examination”, after-school service in primary and secondary schools!Anhui Province Department of Education director on-site interpretation

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Under the double reduction policy, the reduction rate of online and offline discipline training institutions in Anhui reached 100% and 94.46% respectively.A total of 61,000 new senior high school degrees will be added to meet the needs of class-changing teaching after the new college entrance examination reform.After-school services for primary and secondary schools will be included in the provincial government’s livelihood project.At 9:30 am on February 10th, provincial Government Information Office held a series of press conference (the thirteenth session) : Promoting high-quality development of education and enhancing people’s sense of gain.Zhao Zhenhua, director of the Education Department of Anhui Province, attended the press conference and answered questions from journalists.In 2021, Anhui province launched the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination. How to ensure the implementation of class selection system under the new background of college entrance examination?Zhao Zhenhua, director of the provincial Department of Education, said that the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in Our province has been officially launched in September 2021, and ordinary college entrance examination is implemented in the mode of “3+1+2”.Under the new college entrance examination mode, students’ daily management is in fixed administrative classes. Meanwhile, students can choose their own learning subjects according to their own development needs and interests and go to different classes.The class-selecting system has broken the traditional administrative class and replaced it with administrative class and teaching class, which has put forward higher requirements for the running conditions, teaching staff and teaching management of ordinary senior high schools.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination, our province has formulated a series of supporting measures to guide schools around the country to further improve the work under the background of the new college entrance examination.First, improve school conditions.In 2021 alone, a total of 9.48 billion yuan will be invested in the construction, renovation and expansion of 126 schools, with 61,000 new degrees added, to solve the problem of large classes.According to the needs of curriculum implementation, we have revised and improved the standards of educational technology and equipment such as teaching facilities, books and materials for ordinary senior high schools, guided all schools to equip special classrooms and gymnasiums, equipped with newly added instruments and equipment for science, chemistry and biology to improve the teaching environment, and provided hardware guarantee for selecting courses and moving classes.The second is to replenish teachers.We will further improve the recruitment system for primary and secondary school teachers, assign primary and secondary school teachers at city and county levels primary and secondary school recruitment responsibilities, carry out dynamic adjustment of the staffing of primary and secondary school staff, and optimize the allocation of staffing resources.In 2021, the province will recruit 5,016 regular high school teachers.Third, we will strengthen work guidance.The provincial Department of Education issued the “Guidance on Strengthening the Teaching Management of Ordinary Senior High Schools” to guide schools to establish a course selection system, according to the characteristics and advantages of the school to develop a specific teaching program and the course selection guide, and orderly promote the course selection and class selection.In the next step, according to the unified deployment of the state, our province will formulate and implement the “14th Five-year plan” action plan for the development and promotion of ordinary high schools in the county, and actively develop the guide for selecting subjects for the provincial ordinary high school academic level examination, so as to further strengthen the scientific guidance for high school students to choose subjects.Under the policy of “double reduction”, how can schools improve the quality of education and teaching and ensure the learning effect of students?Provincial department of Education director Zhao Zhenhua said in the answer to this question: in the “double reduction” background, the provincial department of education to give full play to the role of school education main position, increase efforts to supervise and guide all schools to improve the quality of education and teaching, ensure that students in the school “eat” “eat well”, promote the overall development of students, healthy growth.One is to improve the quality and efficiency of classroom teaching.We issued the Guiding Opinions on Improving the Quality of Classroom Teaching in Primary and Secondary Schools, and implemented 12 measures to improve the quality of lesson preparation.Organized more than 4200 outstanding teachers to record 10,028 high-quality online courses, covering all sections, disciplines and versions of textbooks;We will build 11,653 smart schools to cover all primary and secondary schools in rural areas, and promote joint construction and sharing of quality education resources.Second, innovation in operation management.The Implementation Opinions on Improving the Operation Management Level of Compulsory Education Schools were issued, teaching guidance opinions and operation specification requirements of various disciplines were issued, operation design guidelines were developed by discipline, and operation management was included in the routine supervision of standardizing school-running behavior inspection and responsible school supervision.Our province is the first primary and secondary school operation design competition, selected by the Ministry of Education as a typical case of “double reduction” in the national promotion.The third is to standardize the implementation of examination management.The Opinions on The Implementation of Further Standardizing the Administration of Examinations in Compulsory Education Schools were issued, stipulating that no mid-term examinations should be held in primary schools, no pen-based examinations should be held in the first and second grades of primary schools, and schools should organize final examinations once a semester for other grades.Each grade of junior high school organizes a final examination every semester by the school, and the mid-term examination is organized and implemented according to the regulations.The mid-term and final exams will be graded, and the results will not be ranked or published.It is strictly forbidden to rush the teaching progress and prepare for the exam in advance.Fourth, enrich and expand after-school services.We will focus on optimizing after-school services, guide local governments to adopt “one local policy” and “one school plan” to meet the diverse needs of students, and incorporate after-school services into the livelihood project of the provincial government in 2022.At present, all compulsory education schools in the province have achieved after-school service coverage;More than 280,000 teachers participated in after-school services, accounting for 92.69%;More than 4.43 million students received after-school services, accounting for 95.81%;Each county (city, district) has established a funding guarantee mechanism.Innovative measures and typical experiences of after-school service of compulsory education in Hefei have been promoted by the Ministry of Education.Up to now, compulsory education schools have established the homework publicity system, control the homework time standard proportion of 100%;4771 online and offline discipline training institutions were transformed or cancelled, with a reduction rate of 100% and 94.46%, respectively.The reform of business business to non-african affairs was carried out in 280 schools, with a 100% completion rate.Our province’s pioneering work design competition, “four not two straight” “grid” special inspection practices have been promoted nationwide;Five cases in our province (provincial government systematically to promote education and education, accelerate the elimination of large amount helped lift efficiency, good quality of average high school teaching personnel shunt “active”, “four of a batch of” reduce discipline class outside school training institutions, the “5 + 1” mode of chuzhou dozen good governance classification ShiCe off-campus training institutions) was named the national “ShuangJian” work outstanding cases.Source: Market Star Comprehensive @ Anhui issued a statement: this article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: