Why say Hanzhong is: “a Han style ancient rhyme city, half of the history of the two Han and three kingdoms”

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An ancient city of Han wind, half the history of the Two Han and three kingdoms.Han di has the aura, there are heroes.In that year, Liu Bang, emperor Gaozu of Han, was renamed king of Han by Xiang Yu from The King of Guanzhong. He rested on this fertile soil, built a plank road in the Ming Dynasty, plotted against Chen Cang, and quickly conquered the Guanzhong region and dominated the whole country, thus establishing the foundation of han Dynasty.It also gave birth to Zhang Qian, diplomat of the Silk Road, and gave birth to Li Gu, the upright and valiant minister for the admonitions of the Han Dynasty. Zhang Liang, Han Xin, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, Fang Xiaoru and Li Zicheng all left deep footprints in Hanzhong.Through the fog of history, the process of removing the outline and context of civilization behind the soil and water, we can understand the background of the region. The long-hidden and little-known stories let us see the rise and fall of the Chu and Han dynasties and feel the sword shadow of The Three Kingdoms.Generations of hero beauty, princes and princes, bookman, like a pulse current, and common load the green leaf, flowing time, flow into rivers and squares, finally into the sea, and they filled out city, and waved away in succession, finally settling for unique temperament, accomplished a human culture, this is the “soul” of han.Han wind not ink qianqiu painting, ancient rhyme without strings wan Guqin.The most romantic thing in the world, is not like Li Bai, with cold light wine, with the bright moon as companion, singing, wide sleeves fluttering;It is not like Chuang Tzu, who is like an untied boat, looking to the north of the fish, transformed into a big bird with wings like clouds hanging over the sky, soaring between heaven and earth;Nor is it like Genghis Khan, who used iron cavalry to fight in all directions, swept the world on horseback, not broken Loulan will not return.But in the steep spiritual highland, through the dazzling modern civilization, enjoy the thousands of years of green mountains, flowers smiling, listening to the silent birds singing green water.Su Dongpo said: The wind on the river, the moon on the mountain, is the creator of the endless hide.If there is a very beautiful southern Shaanxi, nine points in Hanzhong city.This is a plump land of lofty men, graceful;This is the water town in the dream of literati, gentle and clever;This is misty rain in the dim holding oil paper umbrella of the girl next door, delicate and beautiful.The han style attic of bearing is her character, the han dynasty culture of inheritance for thousands of years is her soul, character and soul shaped the overall pattern of the city for thousands of years unchanged, giving birth to the unique scenery of the crown of southern Shaanxi, copying the ink danqing painting of the fertile and wild thousands of miles, playing and singing the prosperous prosperity that is enduring.Han floor left for later generations, The Han people.If auk stork tower is in front of Wang Zhihuan “to cheer, to the next level”, the eyes of the yellow crane tower is Cui Hao “yellow crane gone, Bai Yunqian empty leisurely”, fan zhongyan in the mind of the yueyang tower is the “first world of sorrow, sorrow, after the world of joy but joy”, day han floor is a Mosaic in the pearl river, is the spirit of the city landmarks.Han earth is the root, Han wind is the soul, the location of Tianhan Building to Hanzhong brings the ancient city and new city, natural and cultural elements of the collision.The marvelous imitating han art shows the width of time and the thickness of life in the carved beams and painted buildings. History and modern times are perfectly coupled together. There is no choice or choice, but tolerance and coordination, concise restoration of the most beautiful han dynasty style.Thousands of miles of Han water is in the two sides of the gentle one, tianhan building is a masculine squatting half of the city, green mountains and blue tiles reflect the river, two-sided show city and different, the high eaves of the imitation Of Han pavilion and the other side of the forest of modern buildings each other shine, is extremely independent, but also with the same.At night, looking from the pavilion to the Longgang Bridge connecting the two sides, a river of glimpsing lights looks like light and shadow works of art. This thick and heavy color tells the world that the pious and quiet heart of the guardian of Han culture always hides a spiritual realm that has never been tired for thousands of years.Light and shadow and night scenery make people feel the temperature of the city, and experience the unique charm and temperament of colorful ancient rhyme.Jiangshan picturesque, straight with heaven and earth for spring back.A thousand years of a city, remember the vicissitudes of history, can see the years left traces, hold the cultural roots.Three hundred and thirty thousand Han children in the blood surging forward is the spirit of the Han, rooted in the bones of the elegant han dynasty.Author: Zhang Jingyi Source: Hanzhong Daily