16 universities have announced their enrollment guidelines for 2022 Strong Foundation Program. What are the changes?

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What are the changes in the 2022 Strong Base plan?Enter oneself for an examination to examinee what influence does it have?A lot of parents are asking about the strong Foundation program these days.Compared with the previous two years, there are three changes in the 2022 strong Foundation plan.At the beginning of the 2020 strong Foundation plan, students will only be able to study mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, philosophy and ancient Philology.This several professional, in addition to Peking University and fudan, sichuan and shandong university and other traditional liberal arts comprehensive university, other universities in this a few professional is not particularly strong, which means that the other university is not easy to get the good students, and the professional, are generally relatively unpopular major, parents and students are worried about the employment problem.Therefore, in order to enhance their competitive edge and attract better students, these universities are trying to broaden their majors from basic to applied subjects.For example, tsinghua University’s double degree in science and engineering, and Shandong University, he uses the model of three plus one plus X.Three ground refers to the undergraduate course for three years, a cohesion refers to the inquiry, professional direction including high-end chip and software, intelligent science and technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing, national security, biological medicine, science and technology of archaeology, marxism, governance, international issues, etc., X refers to graduate education, four years, Ph.D., let the examinee undergraduate study basic subjects,Graduate students cross-study engineering to attract high-quality students.In 2022, the undergraduate specialty is no longer confined to these basic subjects, like the northeast university, the first year of enrollment only a professional automation, and northwestern polytechnical university, 2022, increased the aerospace industry, both engineering schools took out his ace professional, is also a popular major recruit students, believe that will attract a batch of high grade students to enter oneself for an examination.Two, a change in the landing performance calculation of strong base plan is a strong base plan ever according to the points do not contain enrollment policy of university entrance examination results, but in 2022, Beijing university of science and technology into the competition, performance calculation method becomes a finalist is the university entrance exam and the college entrance examination mathematics only branch grade multiplied by 20%, which means the same scores, good homecoming priority in math,Highlights the importance of mathematics single subject results.Compared with 2021, the biggest difference is that the status of the school examination has been enhanced.Strengthening the original score calculating formula for 85% of the university entrance exam and 15% of the school examination results, this is the proportion, but the rules if the school examination results of less than 60 minutes mark will not be accepted, this is not original, it seems is to strengthen the school take an examination of, also is to strengthen the rights of the independent recruitment of students school school recruitment of students according to their requirements.Finally small make up or to remind want to enter oneself for an examination the examinee of strong base plan, in addition to understand and choose to enter oneself for an examination the colleges and universities and admissions professionals, but also to understand the different colleges and universities school exam content and rules of the school take an examination of, especially the cervix project, as far as possible choose candidates are good at and can amount to mark, because once the cervix is not up to standard, the school also will not be accepted.The enrollment guidelines for 2022 are still being released, and there may be more changes. Let’s wait and see.