Can baotou boss send salary to him tax section?

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Before I saw a lot of people talking about how to stop the transfer from public to private, one way is that the boss and the wife of the owner will get a part of the salary expenditure every year when they work in the company. This part of the salary expenditure is lower than the tax rate of taking money from the company directly in the way of shareholder dividends.Is that ok?Yes, but the operation needs to pay attention to many details.Let me introduce you to the principles involved.Baotou boss to shareholders dividends from the company to take out the profits, this part of the profit needs to pay corporate income tax first.Among the current types of enterprises, small and micro enterprises: less than 1 million — 2.5%, less than 3 million — 5%-8.3%;New and high-tech enterprises — 15%;Ordinary businesses — 25%, and then 20% income tax on dividends, so the combined tax rate is between 22% and 40%.For payroll, the seven progressive tax brackets apply to individual income tax, as long as the combined tax rate does not exceed the following 22 to 40 percent tax rate.Baotou boss salary income belongs to the legal income, also paid the individual tax, the money also belongs to after-tax expenditure, reasonable and legal.However, there is one detail that needs to be paid attention to when applying this method to public – the amount of results.Some financial personnel understand the knowledge of the tax law, it is applied in this way to stop the operation, thinking about the result is only thinking about the tax rate this point, and then began to pay the boss in accordance with the calculated figures, in fact, this kind of thinking is not one-sided.Baotou boss salary is not open how much to open how much.And it’s not just the tax rate to think about, it’s the company’s fair pay.A month of uniform salary only 3000 company, the boss and the owner’s wife a month to take 30000 salary is not a bit abnormal?This type of payment is not acceptable to the tax bureau.Tax authority teachers can see at a glance that this salary is directly running to save tax, and the operation of the technique is a bit too complex and rough.There is one more dimension to consider in terms of compensation — the salary patterns of people in opposite positions at similar companies.The difference is that it is a company with annual profit of 10 million yuan. The other boss serves as general manager and executive director with annual salary of 480,000 yuan, while my company insists on setting annual salary of 1.02 million yuan.Why do you get paid nearly twice as much for inventing extraordinary profits for your business?A reasonable explanation is required here.On the other hand, the general manager of a company with an annual profit of 1 billion yuan will get an annual salary of 480,000 yuan, isn’t it too low?In the early stage of baotou company, the boss of Baotou can take a little less, or even no salary at all, which is now the normal state of business owners.Once the company fluctuates, then since you want to pay the boss, it needs to be reasonable and compliant.If the salary amount that sends even boss himself this passes, is reasonable?Therefore, regarding the boss’s salary design, the first thing to consider is the industry form and company form, and then is the tax result.Although the operation is slightly rough a bit also won’t have what criminal responsibility, but unavoidable some other trouble, the special administrator has something to have nothing to talk to the boss, the boss’s time is very precious, there is no need to waste all in this below.