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Why prove anything to people who don’t deserve it, live better, is for yourself.Why prove to the unworthy that living a better life is for yourself.You hate the way you don’t fit in, and forget how fascinating it is to be different.You hate the way you don’t fit in, but you forget how charming you are.If you’re good enough, set the trend, not follow it.If you have enough skills, you can lead the trend rather than follow the trend.People are picky when they have a choice.People are picky when they have a choice.Some people are destined to be cancer in your life, and some people are just a sneeze.Some people are destined to be cancer in your life, while others are just a sneeze.Reputation, good and bad, was then, is now.Reputation is good and bad. It used to be before, and now it is now.I’m not afraid you’re too popular, I’m afraid you won’t refuse either possession or destruction.Either possession or destruction.There will be no less wine to drink and no one who should go will stay.I’m not the best, but I’m sure you can’t meet me.Fate played the game, but I played the game.Fate set the game, but I was the one who played chess.There will be No water left in the Yangtze River someday.One day, the dragon will get water and the Yangtze River will flow back.I’m on my own. I don’t need your respect.I rely on myself in everything. I don’t need you to look down on me.For more exciting content, come to yan Ran