Follow the snow!Early in the morning, haidian they gather for the first time!

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On February 13, haidian welcomed the first spring snow in the Year of the Tiger.Auspicious snow promises a good harvest. The falling snow not only brings New Year’s blessings, but also adds more charm to the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics.Walking in the streets of Haidian, people in the park enjoy taking photos and feeling the passion and charm of snowflakes, while the city roads outside the park are very clean and smooth for citizens.This is due to the first implementation of the Haidian Municipal Command platform snow clearing and ice shoveling special dispatch in the whole area, more than 11,000 cameras have become the “clairy-eye” and “wind ear” of municipal operations, so that the city management under the heavy snow weather “bright and clear”.Science and technology assistance patrol scheduling At 4:09 in the morning of February 13, haidian began to fall snow in the whole area.”The west snow suddenly increase, please pay attention to!”At 4:35, Wang Yi, road cleaning inspection department of sanitation Center, released the first work message in the work group.”Roger that!The whole area of the streets and towns, operating units immediately responded to the snow shovel operation.A few minutes later, Wang Yi’s mobile phone kept vibrating, the work group kept flashing new news, around 5 o ‘clock, the streets and towns and professional work units have uploaded “work photos” to report the snow and ice shovel situation.At 7 a.m., the cleaning of places around the Olympic Games and main roads was completed to ensure road access conditions.”Open the cameras around the two winter Olympics venues, and carefully check the surrounding roads, overpasses and ramps to ensure that there is no snow and ensure normal traffic.”On February 13, 7 in the morning, the reporters came to the haidian district sanitation center, in haidian district, the games are snowmelt guarantee dispatch center, ucg, deputy director of the district ChengGuanWei qixin xue Lin, director of the center for the sanitation is through the “wisdom of municipal command platform”, supervision over and inspection of the road, “stayed awake throughout the night, always watching snow”, said the ucg.In order to deal with the snow weather, the District Urban Management Committee made full preparations, using science and technology and artificial means, to conduct comprehensive inspection and command and dispatch of snow operations and post-snow recovery.The Haidian Municipal command platform covers more than 11,000 cameras in Haidian District to monitor the operation area in real time. At the same time, more than 100 people are arranged to carry out special inspections and inform the operation unit to rectify the problems as soon as they are found, so as to ensure the operation of snow clearing and ice shoveling is in place.Before the snow, all operation personnel and vehicles should be ready for duty at any time. All operation vehicles should be pre-loaded with snow melt liquid before the snow falls. After the snow starts, the vehicles should start operation immediately, and the mixing station should replenish the solution to ensure sufficient supply of snow melt liquid during the snow operation.In the snow, the District Urban management Committee and the environmental sanitation Center conducted video patrol through the command platform. According to the situation of the 29 streets and towns and 14 professional operation units at the district level, the environmental sanitation center fed back the operation guidance to the headquarters, which made a comprehensive judgment and deployed the operation scheduling according to the weather and road grade.After the snow, the headquarters will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the operation area to ensure that there are no dead spots.According to introducing, according to the weather forecast, haidian district, Beijing on February 9 and 11, two deployment of ice snow shovel work, by the reporter went to press, haidian district sanitation work units in homework personnel 15336 person-time, multi-functional snow sweeper 80 trains, snowmelt car 287 trains, sweeper 295 trains, QingYunChe 135 trains and other emergency vehicles 140 trains,214 spusers were used, 66 roller brushes and snow shovels were used, 399 snow removal devices were used, 16,322 artificial snow removal tools were used, 1,959 tons of solid snow melting agent was applied, and 2,584 cubic meters of snow melting agent solution was applied.”While doing a good job of clearing snow and shoveling ice in the whole region, we will focus on strengthening the efforts of clearing snow and shoveling ice in key areas such as Olympic-related venues (venues), Olympic special roads, bridge areas and ramps to minimize the impact of snow on the games and citizens’ travel.”Kolanchao of the City’s environment and Sanitation department told reporters that the venues involved in the Early stage of communication and docking, timely grasp the need for snow and ice shoveling support, ready for emergency support, while strictly implementing safety, epidemic prevention and logistics requirements.”During the snowfall, there are 331 heating units and 829 boiler rooms in the district, and more than 5,500 front-line staff are on duty to ensure the heating operation.”District urban Management Committee heating management department related person in charge of introduction, during the snow, the district 3 district-level heating emergency repair team more than 200 people on standby, at any time to deal with heating emergencies.For the winter Olympics heating guarantee, Haidian Heating Group selected 13 business elites to form the Winter Olympics heating emergency repair team, 6 operating vehicles and related equipment in place, ready to deal with the winter Olympics heating emergencies.The external support personnel will continuously check and patrol the hidden dangers of 1km pipelines, manhole covers and ancillary facilities around the support point. The internal support personnel will keep in good condition and handle emergencies quickly and effectively. The heating regulation is accurate and the service is fine to keep the temperature of the site comfortable and help the winter Olympics proceed smoothly.To ensure power supply in winter under snow weather, Haidian Power Supply Company arranged 312 operation and maintenance teams from 14 teams to carry out special inspections on 18 key and heavy-haul transmission lines, 619 lines (83 racks and 536 cables) and 914 stations involved in 6 types of heating guarantee users.Special personnel were arranged to master the operation of the main distribution network through video surveillance and power supply service command system, and 26 emergency repair teams, 3 emergency generators and 28 generators were arranged to be on 24-hour standby at 20 stations in the region to ensure the safe and stable operation of power supply.Combined with the support work of important activities, the fifth Branch of Gas Group organized 88 person-times to carry out inspections on gas pipelines and gas facilities in the support area and surrounding areas as well as key parts. Meanwhile, it strengthened the docking with the support parts and key users to timely grasp the gas consumption situation of users.Nine emergency guard support points have been set up, 61 people are on duty 24 hours a day, and 24 emergency vehicles have been arranged to be ready to deal with all kinds of emergencies.As of press time, Haidian Related to the Olympic venues surrounding key sections of no snow and ice situation, the region’s main road traffic conditions are good.Reporter: Wang Fang Haidian District Urban Management Committee for the map editor: Luo Yuhan