It is reported that the price of kustullo land only needs about 160,000. Can you really buy it at this price?

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It is reported that the price of kustullo land only needs about 160,000. Can you really buy it at this price?Thank goodness, do not know dear see officer have miss the author?Here, I would like to thank you for your life, and wish all the friends who are destined to be lucky and young forever, without delay. Next, let’s welcome today’s content:As everyone knows, MPV models large volume, wide use, not only have such outstanding advantages as less fuel consumption, good and inexpensive, and used for daily commuting is absolutely very by spectrum, became the other cars are one of the prominent causes of difficult to compete with them, so sure, by a large number of elites also serves as a more and more little sister’s mind is good.Today, the next main and column depth of the three most worthy MPV models, compared with other places must have a more considerable place, we must not miss yo!Model 1: Kustu Sales performance: Under the leadership of Beijing Hyundai brand, Kustu’s market vitality can be said to be particularly strong. On the other hand, KustU’s price is low, so it has won the favor and pursuit of many little sisters.According to xiaobian, Kustu’s sales performance in the past month is still all the way forward.It proudly achieved a good result of 0.11W, and surprisingly sat on the throne of the 10th place. It is recognized by fans as the second to none and the brightest high-quality online celebrity model, beating a number of competitors in the MPV rankings.To be honest, no MPV in the world is flawless, but cousteau’s charm is well deserved.The key, perhaps, is that Cousteau’s products stand out from the crowd and are trusted by the public.I believe that many fans have such a feeling: Kusi road’s super strength is we are sure, it is estimated that soon will come out on the top of the MPV ranking in this expert cloud.The car body of Cousteau is simple and high-end, the car painting process is unique, and the delicate waist line extends smoothly from the front part to the rear position, presenting its dazzling body beauty beautifully.Notable is that it’s very cute style level, the whole aura, the line of cadence adorned among them, described perfectly, way muscle contour, special forces, have a pair like the eagle eye of halogen lamp distribution on both sides, the lines of the external and internal lighting is impeccable, very accord with the aesthetic needs of the consumer market.Space part: Kusi road space is also quite generous, at the same time to us to create a rather grounded feeling, the design of storage space is also very practical, practical pretty good.With a length of 4950mm and a width of 1850mm and a height of 1734mm, the Cousteu is so big that even a lot of big guys can sit in the back seat without feeling too crowded.So cousteau can meet most of the daily needs of the home.Enough to get a lot of car-savvy kids to give it 100,000 likes.On the other hand, its rear loading performance is relatively good, can cram a lot of goods.Look very gentle and elegant impression, is definitely the kind of small editor like.In terms of power performance, the power output of Coustiu is quite amazing. Its power is 236P and its gearbox is high-end 8-gear automatic. Many students think that the power output of Coustiu is very good.For many automatic 8 block fans is undoubtedly a good thing.In addition, the Kustu cylinder block is mainly made of aluminum alloy, so its life is great.As for the displacement version, Kustu does not provide the naturally aspirated version. At present, Kustu provides 2.0T and 1.5T.Car owner word of mouth: I think a lot of friends have this feeling: by Beijing Hyundai to build kustu, in 21W grade MPV camp should be in the right place.First of all, cousteau’s appearance level is particularly brilliant, its body exudes a very obvious feeling of movement, looks quite tasteful.At the same time, the space utilization rate of the Custo ride is relatively reliable, sitting on it does not feel crowded, but also very easy to control, which is definitely custo one of the best market competitiveness.Car owner’s comment 2: The fuel economy of The Cousteau is also worth mentioning. It should be the inevitable result of the great improvement in technology, so the fuel economy of the Cousteau is very good.At the present stage, EXCEPT for running in the city on weekdays, I sometimes go to the desert or something. Such a heavy model does not have very high fuel consumption. Currently, the overall fuel consumption is about 8.7 oil, which is acceptable, and it may also be considered relatively fuel-efficient among MPV of the same level.So I was very happy, and my girlfriends could not help but praise the fuel performance of the Cousteto is very good, but maybe in summer if the air conditioning believe cousteto fuel a little bit higher.Moreover, the company reimburses most of the business expenses, so the personal economic burden will not be too great.Even if the current conditioning time is not very long, but it is expected to be merged again, the fuel consumption of kustu can also be reduced.The relevant evaluation in the course of study: there must be a lot of car friends have such a feeling: the chassis position of Kusi road is quite tough, although it can avoid Kusi road to avoid swing phenomenon, but when entering complex road conditions, will always sacrifice some driving comfort, more uncomfortable.In addition, the chassis of Cousteau can feel harsh tire noise, especially when entering potholes or steep slopes. In addition, the power of the whole vehicle is very low when accelerating, so WE went to the customer service, but they could not tell us what the problem was.In addition, 1. The plastic smell of air conditioning is very prominent.3. The noise reduction effect is not satisfactory. The second model: Wuling Hongguang Appearance overview: The new Wuling Hongguang is particularly tall and elegant, which is more satisfactory for individuals.Wuling Hongguang’s overall front face design is very imposing, very slender, the net shape is particularly outstanding, looks quite good, and wuling Hongguang’s door handle is appropriately decorated with many silver elements, running water turn lights and LED lights are particularly eye-catching, look to have a strong sense of luxury.Moreover, the side part of the car body of Wuling Hongguang is family style, and the design of lines is very distinctive. The lines of the roof are gradually extended from the B-pillar, from the rear part to the front of the car, which perfectly stretches the transverse visual width of the front face of Wuling Hongguang.And Wuling macro light glossiness is better, very wear-resistant.It can be said that Wuling Hongguang is special wherever it goes.Wuling Macro light of the tail is particularly eye-catching, and the two rear taillight is very bright, look up more sharp, therefore, more and more car friends feel Wuling macro light on the road head turn rate is quite high.My subordinates all agree that Wuling Hongguang is really good-looking.Car friend comments 1: Whenever I do not have enough money, I will go to “4 son” shop test drive, now I feel the new Wuling macro light sound insulation effect is very good, driving on the road is very quiet, although wuling macro light quality is so heavy, and so long, but the control is very good.The third model baojun 730 63,800 ~ 102,800 Appearance overview: Baojun 730 is not arrogant, super fashion, the embellish of family style grille and the big light group on both sides are perfectly combined, the low chassis is also very smooth over a small pit and bay line section.And also abandoned the lock of the body of the lines, there is a luxury MPV unique blade design of the wheel phase line, in addition, cash baojun 730 seems to uphold is sexy and young style, its tail is scattered, as a whole, Baojun 730 is more tangible have a section, especially sharp.Anyhow treasure jun 730 can move me very much namely!Interior window Treasure jun 730 a lot of places can see the careful manufacturer.Assembly process te fierce, in addition, Baojun 730 sports steering wheel component is very light, especially feel, turn sensitive, thus greatly improving the safety of Baojun 730.It is worth noting that baojun 730’s driving seat back of the leather feel of a good, support is also very good, and the use of soft leather fabric paved, xiaobian think Baojun 730’s seat is quite comfortable.The most commendable is, treasure jun 730 up to now also did not detect a little peculiar smell problem.And the noise in the car is basically inaudible.For this xiaobian is very gratified.Power Overview The Baojun 730’s acceleration experience couldn’t be silky smooth.As long as you oil the car as much as you want, you will immediately experience the power of the car is very strong.The driving experience was also very pleasant.Noise reduction effect is also very good, usually do not carefully observe the words, feel very quiet, this is particularly good.In addition, because its original power belongs to good enough, so there is no need to do too much improvement to baojun 730 power details.Car friends comment 1: the appearance style also matches my aesthetic feeling, the front position of Baojun 730 is quite long, the headlight is unique and integrated style, the visual atmosphere after being lit is quite beautiful.And baojun 730 in the net part is the mouth type of the sinking structure, thick chrome plating and the following bright bumper is an organic whole, look very fashionable and beautiful, in addition, Baojun 730 hub design is also very handsome, the size is also more harmonious, the overall shape is better.Looks a lot more powerful.The side lines are also very impressive to me. The front bumper is very safe and novel, which is better than the competing products with similar prices.Baojun 730 drives very quietly!Also, the handling is very good.In general, the price of Baojun 730 is still very good, the top version of baojun 730 should be less than 100 thousand yuan to take home, very good without any criticism.Car Friends comment 2:I am doing business, so like a tall, is also a good face, general car I’m not too not bashful go out, but after obtaining the baojun 730, each time with his wife and children to go out, go out or do business feel unique face, touch the steering wheel is came up, science and technology feeling empty grip, a child in the outside is always ask me what is the baojun 730?I told you the Baojun 730 was your dad’s best mount.Another is the feeling of operation, sometimes talking about business really upset and tired, need to relax, so every time I want to have a good rest and relax when driving, this car can be said to meet my driving needs and desires.Car friends comment 3:Satisfied, I was pleased with the baojun 730 evaluation is of course, is not only good cost performance and comfort also special praise, since I was young, I especially like the car, after a long struggle, finally is to buy a car the baojun 730, ride comfort, open also taste wonderful, especially with the boss level of enjoyment, and its consumption is not high also, absolutely is to meet many of my demand.Car friends review 4: Baojun 730 power is very strong, Baojun 730 looks like an electric car, control top, The main competitiveness of Baojun 730 lies in control, especially in high-speed corners can obviously feel the advantages of driving after.Comments above are probably shared kustu, Wuling Hongguang and Baojun 730, in addition, the MPV model’s guide price and land price or there is a slight difference.For example, the lowest price of Kustu terminal is 16.98W yuan, while Wuling Hongguang and Baojun 730 are as low as 4.69W and 6.58W. The price difference of the above models is still very big. I don’t know which MPV is the most favorite of the viewers?Here the author wishes all the predestined friends a good thing in pairs, the apprentice.If you enjoyed this post, give it a thumbs up.For more exciting content, check out NULL