Post-00s job search observation: Flexible employment has become a new trend by making several preparations at the same time

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The results of the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination were released on Feb 21.After that day, a large number of fresh graduates, who have been blocked by the scores of the entrance exam, will join the army of job seekers and rush into the “golden three silver four” recruitment season.Different from previous years, the first batch of post-00s will also enter the recruitment battle and compete for jobs, based on the legal school entry age of 6.”I really have no books to read, so I can only consider looking for a job.”Huang, a senior student at Nanjing University, told reporters.This day, she just checked his take an examination of grind result, in all sorts of take an examination of grind information group exchange his mark, see still have the possibility that did not break into second try.In recent years, the number of postgraduate entrance exams has surged.According to the Ministry of Education, there will be 4.57 million applicants for master’s degrees in 2022, 800,000 more than in 2021, an increase of more than 21 percent.Compared with 2017, it has more than doubled.”So far, none of my classmates are just preparing for employment.”Huang said, “Every day WHEN I open my mobile phone, I will check all the public accounts related to the postgraduate entrance examination, recruitment announcement, resume preparation and the exam.However, many students also take postgraduate exams to find jobs, hoping to gain more and better job opportunities with their postgraduate status.”For a generation that has grown up on the Internet, information retrieval is easy.With the search term “Qiaozhao”, you can jump to a number of online recruitment tools such as Hook, BOSS, Maimai and Liepin. Online social platforms such as wechat official account, Xiaohongshu and Douban are also flooded with recruitment information of various scales.”I got an internship in an Internet company at the university’s fall job fair last year. If everything goes well, I can get a job offer after graduation.”Zhu, a student from Hunan University, said, “Outside of school, I will also put my resume on the recruitment website and update it constantly to see which companies offer offers, positions and salaries, so that I can be more confident in applying for a job.”September, October, March and April are the recruitment periods for large enterprises and public institutions, known as “autumn recruitment” and “spring recruitment”.Many schools organize large job fairs and job-hunting counseling for fresh graduates.”To get the offer you want at a big job fair, you need to know how to pick the company and be prepared to be picked.Some students even pay to get interview guidance online in order to better package themselves.”Zhu said.The number of flexible workers in China reached 200 million by the end of 2021, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.The flexible employment rate of college graduates nationwide in 2020 and 2021 both exceeded 16 percent, according to the National College Student Information Consultation and Employment Guidance Center.Flexible employment refers to flexible forms of employment such as non-full-time, temporary and flexible work.The job choices of post-00s graduates are not only more diverse, but also more “rebellious” than their predecessors’ conventional practice.What is flexible employment?Taobao shop owners, web writers, network anchors and other jobs are not unfamiliar, but the creative and internet-savvy post-00s are gradually becoming the main force.The post-00s generation has become the largest group of overseas online writers under China Literature, accounting for 56 percent, according to the latest data released by China Literature.Eighty percent of the top writers were born in the 2000s and 1995.Zhang, a graduate majoring in international trade and finance, has been a part-time anchor for more than two years.”When I was in school, I liked to record videos and broadcast live games by myself. When I was an intern, I went to a state-owned enterprise, but faced with the choice of work, I chose to broadcast live.Now I am not only broadcasting by myself, but also working as a video planner, anchor and manager.Soon to officially enter the employment, Zhang said he will learn more professional skills.The rapid development of the Internet has also spawned a variety of new careers.Doll restorer, succulent foster care, organizing and storage, dream drawing, game face pinching and mobile phone embalming are among the top 10 unpopular new jobs, according to the 2021 Observation of Unpopular New Jobs on Taobao.These practitioners, most of whom use the Internet to showcase their skills and take orders, work in relatively free hours and places, and can even be paid handsomely.In terms of policies, many provinces and cities have also introduced flexible employment subsidy policies for college graduates.For example, the latest policy of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security shows that the city’s college graduates engaged in self-employed or flexible employment within two years of graduation will be given three social security subsidies (pension, medical treatment, unemployment insurance) for the longest 2 years, and the subsidy standard is 2/3 of the minimum payment standard.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zeng Yuxuan more wonderful content, please download in the application market “morning video” client.Tips are welcome and will be paid on acceptance.Wechat: XXCBWX, 24-hour information hotline 0731-85571188.