Steam is worth a game recommendation. This pixel game has been played as the Legend of The Three Kingdoms

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Unconsciously, the Spring Festival is so expired, but the holiday is still not over, of course, “Square Ark” New Year special edition activities are still going on, this time into the game, also can experience an interesting New Year play.For many players who like to decorate, the new version of the most worthy of attention is of course all kinds of clothing.The core color element of Chinese Spring Festival is “red”, which symbolizes enthusiasm and hope.The Spring Festival costume of Ark of Diamonds is also based on red.The main New Year costume is the mail suit, which includes mail caps, mail clothes, mail trousers, mail gloves and mail shoes.Different parts of the chainmail costume require different amounts of red packets to be redeemed at the Spring Goblin station.New Year’s Goblin platforms can be earned by killing goblins wearing the god of Wealth hat.In the square world of each map, will randomly spawn goblins wearing god of wealth hat, gnomes is probably one of the most lively activities.Red packets are the most important New Year items, and players can get red packets by challenging the mechanical tiger boss.Changed to a full set of mail, put it on, transformed into a guan Er Ye, reappearing the classic scene in the legend of three Kingdoms.Of course, Guan Yu guang had a suit of clothing is not enough, but also adapted weapons, that is, red tassel gun and red tassel gun.The red silk spear is made of copper and can be exchanged for 200 red envelopes at the Spring Goblin station.The lance is made of steel bone and can only be acquired by killing a mechanical tiger.These two weapons are not easy to obtain, but there have already been players liver out of a full set of mail plus two kinds of red feather weapons, dressed as Guan Yu in the square continent big fight, this scene, do not mention how exciting.I wonder if you have all the mail in Ark of Diamonds?Let’s talk in the comments section.