43 year old Yin Tao is single now: “I am alone, that’s enough”

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(image from the network, if there are any improper please contact delete) Slowtime | the slow time/time wen jun – double wooden time original, reproduced please contact the film now, always seems to be full of pride and prejudice with middle-aged actress.On the one hand, concave girl set, easy to be criticized, such as “Ru Yi Zhuan” in Zhou Xun, was once a group of netizens mock forced installation of tender;On the other hand, she can only play a crone, a potential candidate for a mother or mother-in-law.But there was one man who broke the mold.YanTao.In the recently launched hit TV series The World, 43-year-old Yin Tao Zheng Juan plays Zheng Juan, a daughter-in-law who laughs at her miserable circumstances.Fate did not easily defeat her, but let Zheng Juan treat life more enthusiasm.And in Yin Tao exquisite exquisite deduction, Zheng Juan every action, every look, have won the audience’s sympathy and preference.(Pictures from the network, if there is inappropriate please contact delete) especially when the plot, simply reproduce the description of the original work.Author Liang Xiaosheng wrote: “Zheng Juan in front of me, like the girl in the comic book Red Dream House, although charming, but full of fear in her eyes.On the face of that silk panic shyness, that kind of between mature girl not full girl demeanor, the sense of proportion is just right.A netizen commented: Zheng Juan has simply become my favorite appearance, neither humble nor arrogant, like a white lotus flower of independence, Yin Tao’s acting is great, worthy of being the shoulder of the period drama!For her as an actress, this is just routine.And the peach outside the play, also than we imagined, but also beautiful.In the history of film and television in our country, there are only 5 magnolia Award, Apsaras Award, Golden Eagle Award grand Slam queen, respectively sa Ri na, Jiang Wenli, Yan Ni and Sun Li.And, sweet peach.Meanwhile, Yin Tao is also the one with the lowest profile.Many people even recognize her character, not her name.But whether it is an empress in the temple, or a valiant female soldier in the army, or a rural girl, she can interpret the extreme.Yin Tao was born in a military family. Due to her strict upbringing, Yin Tao was introverted and even a little timid since her childhood.In order to make her more outgoing, her parents sent her to dance and piano lessons.Unexpectedly, Yin Tao is particularly interested, but also showed not uncommon talent.When she graduated from high school, she was admitted to the Academy of Art of the People’s Liberation Army of China with the first place in the national major, and Shen Teng is a classmate.In her junior year, Yin Tao was chosen by the cast of “I am Waiting for you in Heaven” as the leading actress.For the first time, Yin Tao won many heavyweight awards, including the Golden Lion award for drama and the Best actress award for Magnolia in Shanghai.Such a good performance gave Yin Tao confidence in her career and helped her win the role in the military drama Sky of History.However, she did not find that she had a lot to learn as an actress.Old drama bone Zhang Fengyi, directly criticized her on the set: “do not speak human words.”Originally in the two of the play, Yin Tao said lines like reading text, no feelings, like a word reading robot, a line NG more than 20 times.That was the first time That Yin Tao realized that talent is very important in this industry, but talent without hard work is doomed to go far.Yin Tao, with a strong sense of self-esteem, was determined to practice her acting skills.On the set, she prepared well in advance every day, to think out their lines, before the show.When he was shooting, he kept asking other senior actors for advice, carefully figuring out the characters’ tone, movements, expressions, eyes and other details.Even after shooting her own part, she did not leave the set, but to see how her peers play, seize every rare opportunity to learn.In 2004, she co-starred with teacher Li Xuejian in the TV drama “Taking the Wrong Bus”.After a scene was shot, Li Xuejian came out of the house with tears on his face and said, “The little girl has made great progress. Today’s scene is very good.Finally, with the role of May in the Wrong Train, Yin Tao was also successfully nominated for the Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding actress.Later, Yin Tao’s acting skills became more and more proficient, and she could control more and more styles.In “Happiness is Like Flowers,” she was just a supporting role, but her careless and arrogant image is still impressive.Her encounter with Zhang Yi on a train in “Chicken Feathers Fly Up” is regarded as a classic scene.In the Secret History of Yang Guifei, Yang Yuhuan, played by Yin Tao, is too beautiful to be square.To the secret History of Wu Zetian, she played the young Wu Zetian, beautiful and lovely, is the most beautiful empress in the hearts of countless audiences.In 2013, Yin Tao won the Apsaras Award for Outstanding Actress for her roles in the TV dramas “One Family in Wenzhou” and “Yan ‘an Love”.In 2017, she won the Magnolia Award for Best Actress for her role in the TV drama “Feathers fly.”So it took Yin Tao 15 years to become the fourth grand Slam winner of the three “visual” titles.”My luck is very good,” Yin tao said of herself in an interview program.However, no matter how good luck is, it is also based on strength.She never flaunt how exquisite their acting, state how outstanding, she just step by step to do their own actors work.Know exactly what the audience wants and what you want, and go for it.In the hard-and-fast entertainment world, she is more like a craftsman, who puts her heart into her characters and strives to make everyone look good.In her acting career, Yin Tao is the winner of “Good fortune”.Emotionally, however, she went through a rough patch.Even, at one point, nearly ruined her acting career.She met her first boyfriend, Shen Juncheng, while filming the Secret History of Yang Guifei.Shen Juncheng is a famous son in Chongqing. He works leisurely and has plenty of money.After knowing Yin Tao, he launched a crazy pursuit.Shen Juncheng often drove different sports cars to the cast, send flowers, send snacks, with Yin Tao romantic to date.In this way, Yin Tao fell into his weaving of love.After two years of dating, Despite her parents’ objections, Yin married her partner.However, soon, the problem came out.Shen Juncheng has money and leisure and love to play, Yin Tao and most of the time in the play crew film, contradiction began very quickly.They quietly divorced just a year later.In 2011, Shen juncheng was jailed for his financial problems and almost implicated Yin Tao.Of course, that comes later.Although the first marriage ended hastily, but unexpectedly, the entertainment paparazzi did not let her go.In 2009, paparazzi Song Zude link blog, rumors that Yin Tao had been a “black boss” package for three years.Such groundless rumors, let Yin Tao very angry, she strongly chose to take up legal weapons, to maintain their reputation.The TELEVISION art Center of the Political Department of the Air Force of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) issued a statement saying that the content was fabricated.On October 21, Song issued a formal apology to Yin Tao.However, this rumor brought Yin Tao negative impact, but difficult to make up for.Before that, Yin Tao was actually very productive, with as many as six TV series being aired in one year.At that time, she was definitely the queen of ratings.Since then, however, she has had only two shows a year.I have to admit, you can’t get away with a rumor.More frightening is that, until now, such rumors, have been slandering her.In 2018, Yin posted a long post on her weibo account, detailing her journey and her determination: “Crying is useless. I want to protect myself and my family. If you dare to spread rumors, I will Sue you!”(The picture comes from the network, if there is improper please contact delete) continue to say the love story of Yin Tao.After Shen Juncheng, Yin Tao spread several gossip, film and television tycoon, with the cast of young actors.But there was no big response, nor did Yin Tao admit it.Until 2015, Yin Tao and soccer star Li Jinyu, came out of the love affair.In an interview, Yin tao not only freely admitted their relationship, but also said that they had already met their parents.Even, when asked about children, Yin said she likes children very much and might consider having them after marriage.This has led many netizens to believe that good things are coming.This is Yin Tao since the first marriage, the closest marriage love.However, it didn’t work out.In 2020, Yin Tao was once again photographed having dinner with a mysterious man, rumored to be actor Zhao Da.As for the future results, let’s leave it to time.And for Yin Tao’s emotional experience, I just want to sum up with a paragraph: “In the right time, meet the right person, is a kind of happiness.In the right time, meet the wrong person, is a kind of sadness.At the wrong time, meet the right person, is a sigh.At the wrong time, meet the wrong person, is a kind of helplessness.”However, Yin Tao has been chasing the courage of love, and has never hidden magnanimous and free and easy, this let a person have to admire.On the way of focusing on career and waiting for fate, Yin Tao now has more thoughts on enjoying life.Recently, the 43-year-old went viral again after a video of her getting into a car.Her hair reaches to her waist, her body is graceful, and the moment she flips her hair behind the car door, her feminine charms pour into her.It’s no wonder, then, that when she went on the Internet to tout her “girly touch”, she openly said: “Since when has an actress’s charm been limited to girly touch?”Although, many people say that Yin Tao looks like she is 20 years old, she is also “girly”.But in my opinion, the “girly feeling” touted by the whole network is the beauty brought by young hormones, the youth brought by full collagen, and the “pure”;The charm of Yin Tao is the amorous feelings brought by experience of mountains and rivers.It’s an unconventional interior and exterior repair.It’s “rhyme.”There are essential differences between the two.Of course, all this is inseparable from Yin Tao’s own personal cultivation.She has been adhering to the discipline, so that in the present harvest of the most abundant fruit.Those sweaty hours create a good state of reverse aging.(Pictures from the network, if there is any improper please contact delete) usually also want to enjoy the human fireworks, good sisters eat and drink together.Cooking, exercise, no delay.Whenever she has a hit show, she has to “retreat” and practice for a while.Take a trip, see the nature, take off the filters, and be yourself.Of course, what is more important is the peace of mind.”At this age, I’m not as driven to get married or settle down as I was when I was younger,” she once said.If you meet the right person, it would be nice to get married.””Marriage is a very serious thing. Once you enter this siege, you should be faithful and responsible to each other.If not, it’s only good for love.If you don’t meet your ideal partner, you’re fine alone.”The road of life, difficult and easy have to go;The world of love, cold and warm there will always be.It is important not to dwell on the past or worry about the future.Enjoy the moment, life will be wonderful.When she first went viral, her fans gave her the title “Peach on Earth”.Nearly 20 years later, she has experienced fame, rumors and marriage woes, but she is still the full “human peach”.No matter what stage she was in, she always rose to the occasion and fought back.Free and easy to maintain a clear, stubborn to maintain a thorough.She walked through the wind and frost all the way, in the four circulation, practice out of the atmosphere, quiet, calm, calm.Under the years of precipitation, more mellow thick.Click a “looking”, bless Yin Tao.And to ourselves — always forward, always beautiful, always free.* Author: Time gentleman — Shuangmu, post-90s, columnist of slow time, thinks seriously with reason and lives quietly with attitude.Half in the shade,