Aoshi Dragon City 3D welfare edition gift pack to obtain new artifact eternal dragon slaughter advantage aoshi Dragon City

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Hi, everyone players hello, welcome to the sand city unparalleled welfare version of the proud Dragon City eternal dragon City what are the advantages of it, sand city unparalleled eternal dragon dragon City advantages follow xiaobian together to see, game information, welfare, private letter.Team play, the use of professional skills collocation, health recovery, skills block, battle, attack and defense, flexible use of various strategies.Single brush copy, select appropriate equipment, accumulate gold gems, improve equipment quality, enrich equipment attributes, improve your full attribute combat effectiveness.Train your skills, keep your skill level up, improve the fluency of your skill connections, and use effective and appropriate skills to strike decisively when facing different monsters.Focus on the map, there are hidden levels in different maps, and players need to make the most of the map scene, open up additional adventure paths, and have a chance to get top gear.The usage of props, understand the properties and skills of all kinds of armor assembly and accessories, and carry appropriate equipment when taking risks to improve the victory of adventure journey.Aoshi Dragon City 3D welfare version gift package get: attention well, the above is about sand city unparalleled welfare version aoshi Dragon City eternal dragon slaughter advantage, we still have questions about the game aoshi Dragon City welcome message questions oh!For more information about the game, recharge discounts and bonus packages can be added to customer service!One to one detailed teaching!I’ll see you next time