Fujian eldest brother with lost secret recipe do native chicken, meat black bone black boss heart black, hear the price heart fibrillation

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Native to northern people knows the business or the practice of, whether it’s hot pot to pot chicken, chicken and even spicy chicken, its taste is very good, not only the north people like to eat, is that many southerners, who were also to introduce you to the shop today, although also do chicken, but it is a fujian eldest brother to do,According to the elder brother, his family’s pot chicken is made using a lost secret recipe.The way he makes pot chicken is a little like the way cantonese people make soup, but there is a difference. He first cuts the chicken into pieces and then prepares a pot. At the bottom of the pot, he puts ginger slices in order to prevent the chicken from getting burnt.Then pour the chicken on the top, and then add the boss’s secret sauce, and then seal it with tinfoil, and finally seal a layer of mud, mud is not to run.When all this was done, the pot was put into a special kiln made by the boss and burned for two hours before it could ripen.The whole production process is very simple, the main recipe on the sauce of the boss, but to be honest, this make chicken has both wine aroma and taste, ginger eat to the taste of the mouth is very sweet, because there is no drain in, so not very rich, and the chicken will be elastic tooth chewy, and we eat at ordinary times that there is a big difference.The owner said their chicken tasted good, first because of the secret recipe, and also because the chicken he used was a specialty of Quanzhou called Black Phoenix Chicken.These chickens are grown up eating insects and drinking spring water in the mountains, so its meat is very firm, and ordinary farm chickens, taste is also very different.And black chicken chicken also has a characteristic is its flesh and bones are black, so I can be at ease when I eat eat, because it is done with eyes can see, but to be honest, the boss of chicken is black, his heart is black, while doing this chicken recipe has been lost, but he sells for 198 yuan a high price, this price let many people listen to the heart.From fujian province, but a lot of don’t care about that, they need pay attention to is the ingredients are green, the taste is better, and healthier cooking way, as for the price is outside the scope of their consideration, they feel good ingredients to make things, expensive, that is, should see this have to exclamation sentence, fujian, is really rich.But to be honest, the boss made this black chicken, his cooking method is really healthy, less oil, less salt, less seasoning, to make the taste is very good.So it sells for 198 yuan a piece, and it still sells 100 pieces every day. It can only be said that there are more people who recognize goods in that place.At that price in the north, it would never sell.