Lianhu District: a warm guardian who sticks to ordinary posts

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In the Spring Festival of lights and family reunion, there is such a group of people, “they” stick to their ordinary post, with action to show the strength of each guardian.During the Spring Festival holiday, Ma Qiaoling, a doctor from Xi ‘an Daxing Hospital, stuck to her post in the outpatient department. She said, “To protect health is to protect the faith in our hearts, but also to protect the reunion of all families.”Dr Zhao Shen’s home in Xianyang, just over 20 kilometres away, was last reunited with his family several months ago.The emergency department came to a septuagenarian grandfather who accidentally swallowed date nuclei and incarcerated anus. Zhao Shen helped patients remove date nuclei with skilled skills, and grandpa also had a safe reunion night.Post Qiangling doctor stick to the post, intimate for each patient dressing, gentle dressing let her have a lot of patients “fans”.The patient said: “dressing room has post doctor in, we feel at ease!”In addition to the doctor’s adherence, not without the nurse’s adherence.During the Spring Festival, Nurse Zhang Huan, Nurse Suo Miaomiao, nurse Gao Ge and other careful and serious to do everything, know that hospitalized patients can not be reunited with their families regret, so they treat each patient with the warmth of family.Liu Lijun, a doctor from Karamay, Xinjiang province, who is studying in Daxing Hospital, volunteered to stay in Xi ‘an during the Spring Festival. He traveled 2,855 kilometers online and turned his family’s concern into warmth for his patients.Nursing staff carefully protect sunset red diaper, feed, talk to the elderly……Yang Yuchan, 26, a nursing assistant at the First Love Nursing Home in The Lianhu district of Xi ‘an city, carefully repeated the tasks every day this Spring Festival, as usual.At 7 o ‘clock in the morning on February 6, Yang Yuchan quickly to the old man on the bib, carry the rice bowl, softly call the old man, will be a spoonful of food into the old man’s mouth, although the old man almost do not speak, but long-term get along already very tacit understanding, the old man a look in the eyes, she guess the intention.Yang Yuchan is yan ‘an people, she should have become a nurse after graduating from medical school, but she resolutely joined the nursing industry.”My family and many friends have asked me why I chose to do such a dirty, backbreaking job as a carer, but the feeling of being needed made me reluctant to let go.”Yang Yuchan said.The First Love Nursing Home in Lianhu District of Xi ‘an city is a comprehensive medical and nursing institution integrating medical treatment, pension, rehabilitation, chronic disease management and hospice care. It mainly provides services for long-term bedridden patients, semi-disabled, disabled and mentally disabled people.Most caregivers are in their 40s and 50s, and young people like Yang are few and far between.Yang Yuchan is also in a hurry when just beginning to nurse an old person, face end excrement end urine this kind of dirty work, she also has psychological obstacle.”Although I was prepared for such a scenario, I didn’t know what it was like until I experienced it.”Face the challenge on the job, Yang Yuchan learns ceaselessly, ask for advice elder, the job also is more and more handy.”At present, I am responsible for the care of four elderly people, three of them are disabled elderly, one is semi-disabled elderly, according to the different physical conditions of the elderly, we need to do a lot of work, some also require professional skills.As a result, Yang yuchan said, many old people cannot be properly cared for by their families when they return home and have to stay in nursing homes.Yang Yuchan introduction, while some of the old man suffering from alzheimer’s, but the room door elegantly beaming Spring Festival couplets, elegant, everyone seems to have evoked memories of the old people, and family members have a video call, the old people’s mental state is better obviously, occasionally some consciousness back to normal old people also send New Year wishes, also let everybody very touched.”Old age is an important part of life, as well as one that needs to be lived decently, to be answered, to be valued, to be respected and loved equally.”Yang Yuchan said, people will have an old, as a nursing assistant not only need enthusiasm, patience, careful, but also to master a certain psychological comfort ability, humanistic care and heart-to – heart communication ability, and grandparents here feel very full together, be needed is also a kind of happiness.Community workers guard residents to celebrate the Spring Festival. For the majority of residents, it is the expectation of returning home and the reunion of relatives and friends.But for community workers, the community is the first line of defense, epidemic prevention and control means more busy, responsibility, dedication, during the Spring Festival this year, labor a lane community workers hold on epidemic prevention and control work in the community, they left home, gu everybody, just to make sure area residents have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.At 8:00 am on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, zhao Yu, a community worker, arrived at her post of epidemic prevention and control at the north gate of The Luoyifang community and began her busy day.”Hello, where do you come from?Please scan the health code and travel code first, then check the temperature and register…”For each resident into the community, Zhao Yu should carefully check each other’s information, for foreign residents visiting relatives and friends, she should pay special attention to each other’s itinerary code, and do a good job of registration, dare not have a careless.At 10 am, when the resident Mr. Li went out with a Courier back to the community, Zhao Immediately picked up the alcohol spray bottle, the package of the outside of the bag for disinfection.”When you come to this station with your red armbands, our residents feel relieved. Thank you for your hard work during the Spring Festival.”Mr. Li said.At 11 a.m., Zhao was replaced by another colleague, and she began her rounds of neighborhood shops.At a tea show store, Zhao reminded the operator to scan the code and temperature of every customer, especially not to forget to scan the travel code. She then checked the store’s disinfectant log book.At a snack shop, Zhao told the owner to let diners take away as much as possible.And to remind diners to eat quickly, do not make noise during the period.At the door of the pharmacy, in addition to reminding the staff to strictly scan the code, measure the temperature, and register special drugs, Zhao also told them that they could ask the community for help if they encountered difficult problems.After inspecting more than 30 shops along the street, Zhao turned to the inspection work of residential courtyards.”There are 46 courtyard complexes with 3,773 households in the community, so safety during the holidays is also of Paramount importance.”Zhao Yushui, the biggest hidden danger is HuoHuan during the Chinese New Year, she wants to check whether there is vehicle parking rules, household residents to pull wire for electric vehicle charging, if there is a violation of setting off fireworks and fire fighting equipment is complete, and so on, to plot some old old man, she also take the initiative to the door to remind the old man when he was boiling water to cook, remember to close the gas.After more than three hours of inspection, Zhao returned to the post of epidemic prevention and control at the gate of the community, replaced her colleagues and continued to stand guard.Choosing community work, she says, means being busy and dedicated to serving residents.The community is the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. During the Spring Festival, dozens of workers in The Luoyifang community were just like her. They gave up their homes and cared for everyone.Volunteer Zhao Menghu is busy at xinyu Love Home in West Lianhu District of Xi ‘an, Northwest China’s Xi ‘an, Feb. 6, 2019.This Spring Festival, as usual, he served the children and parents living in the garden, understanding everyone’s needs, allocating supplies, and ensuring the normal operation of the home.”We don’t close for the Spring Festival and guard our xi ‘an home for seriously ill children.”Zhao menghu said.Zhao menghu, 36, from Weinan, has been working with charity worker Chang Xiangyang to help children with serious diseases since he was in college.When Chang Xiangyang set out to establish a loving home, he actively joined in.In September 2017, “Xinyu Loving Home” was founded. Now, it has helped 600 families of sick children to solve their living problems during medical treatment in Xi ‘an, including accommodation and other living problems, and more than 400 children have recovered and returned home.For more than four years, Zhao menghu has been busy in his garden, bringing hope to the families of children with serious diseases who come to Xi ‘an for medical treatment.”Families who come to our homes for help are in difficulty. Their children are suffering from leukemia, tumors and other diseases, and they need expensive treatment. Many parents are in despair.Here, we keep each other warm, encourage each other, and work together to overcome difficulties.”Zhao menghu said he was on duty at home this Spring Festival as usual.”There is no lack of festive atmosphere here. Every meal time is the most lively and cheerful time in our homes. Parents prepare meals and children laugh and chat happily.”Zhao menghu said that the home is like a big family, and everyone is like a family to celebrate the Spring Festival.I hope these families of seriously ill children who are in difficulties outside can have a warm and loving, happy and peaceful Spring Festival in Xi ‘an.”The home brings strength and hope to the families of children with serious diseases. Although it is small, it is clean and cozy enough to accommodate up to 12 families. It has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a reading area and lots of toys for children.The smooth operation of the home cannot be achieved without the love and dedication of volunteers like Zhao menghu. We are very grateful for the support of so many volunteers for the home.””Chang xiangyang said.On weekdays, in addition to being on duty at home, Zhao menghu also leads the parents of sick children to provide volunteer services such as caring for the elderly and cleaning the environment in the nearby Bailuwan Community in Beyuanmen Street, so that the parents of sick children can better integrate into xi ‘an.