Spring Festival reception, this “four happiness ball” remember to put on the table, delicious good-looking grade, special noodles

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Hospitality guide language: the Spring Festival, the “four xi balls” remember the table, delicious good grade, unique to Chinese New Year is well known in the world, “China year” not only is reunited with his family, dinner, snack on the relatives, and ancestors left over from the old tradition, the purpose is to carry forward the traditional virtues of the aged respected.Welcome guests in the first lunar month, every family wants to bring the best to the guests to eat, not only to express the friendship of hospitality, but also to show their cooking show. Today, I would like to share with you a delicious recipe of “four happiness balls”, which is the favorite dish of Lord Cixi Buddha. It is beautiful and delicious, and learn to praise you as a chef.The most common problems are: “It’s too greasy, it falls apart as soon as it’s fried, the skin cracks, the meat doesn’t taste good, it’s too salty, and the meat is old and stale.If you feel what I say is reasonable, please follow my footsteps and learn together.It is a big mistake to add only starch when making four happy balls. It is fat but not greasy, and all round. The whole family scrambled to eat it on the table.: meat, egg, corn starch, chopped green onion, ginger, Chinese cabbage: 1:2kg meat into 2 eggs, add the right amount of dark soy sauce color and taste, add the right amount of pepper powder, chicken essence stir evenly, only add a little starch, stir evenly again, pour into the chopped green onion, ginger, Chinese cabbage stir evenly.2: be sure to stir more for a while, until the meat becomes sticky, very strong, it is good to pay attention to here, we must not add salt when mixing the meat, if the salt is added, the four happy balls will not only add soy sauce to do delicious.Only when a lot of people in the meat increased starch adhesive properties, but not solve the problem meat fat, here to join a little at the end of the cabbage, Chinese cabbage contains a lot of crude fiber, so we are doing, cabbage have to absorb the fat in meat, and meat also can absorb the moisture of cabbage, four xi balls that is the key to fat but not greasy.3: We beat 2 eggs in another empty bowl, stir evenly, and then stir the meat into a ball, into the bowl of egg liquid, roll, so that the balls evenly stick with a layer of egg liquid, the balls back and forth to the middle of the hoop, so that the egg liquid fusion into the meat, lock the water, increase the adhesion of meat.4: the oil temperature is 5 into the hot into the balls covered with egg liquid, keep the medium fire slow frying, must not be easy to push, to prevent the balls to open, one side of the shape, turn over, golden on both sides out.The important points to pay attention to here are: the oil temperature of fried meatballs should not be too low, because the oil temperature is too low to stick to the bottom of the pot. Do not stir the pot in a hurry, and the frying time should not be too long, which can lead to the cracking and spreading of the four happy meatballs.5: The fried four joy ball into the water, the water must not exceed the four joy ball, otherwise in the process of cooking easy to crack, and then pour into the right amount of light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, onion, ginger slices, pepper skin, star anise, or no salt.Bring to a boil in a steamer, turn to medium heat and simmer for 1 hour.6: do the four like balls, really is a house full of fragrance, open mouth water pot open that a moment, too sweet, can be directly on the plate on the table, the meat is tender, juicy, fat but not greasy, eat a mouthful of sweet, all round, do not come loose not crack, good-looking and delicious, can do more points in the fridge, at a time when do literally can serve steamed.Best for relatives who come to visit many people, so prepare more.Spring Festival reception, this “four happiness ball” remember to put on the table, delicious and beautiful grade, special noodles you learned?That’s all for today’s sharing. If you have any more delicious ways to make four-happy meatballs, please feel free to comment in the comments section below, so that more people can benefit from it.I am rural rongjie, like my article to help pay attention to + like to share + collection support yo!Thanks for your support and welcome to the next episode of Food, bye!