Zhengzhou: strive to create the capital of the middle!

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Pretty enterprise!Stabilizing the economy.Zhengzhou will further optimize the investment environment and increase support to build the capital of venture capital in central China. Zhengzhou will be built into a more attractive and competitive city of innovation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation…This is Zhengzhou!Welcome to invest in agglomeration of various market factors, support the development of the industry on February 15th, a reporter from the city of zhengzhou zhengzhou city small and medium-sized enterprises the government information office held a bailout interpretation to support special press conference that in recent years, the city finance according to the “professional management, market-oriented operation, the lever move” concept, give full play to the advantages of government investment funds,With the introduction of major projects and the cultivation of small and medium-sized enterprises as the entry point, it gathers various market factors to support industrial development.Up to now, the municipal government has set up 3 mother funds with a total scale of 30.3 billion yuan, and 18 sub-funds with a total scale of 57.3 billion yuan. It has invested 161 projects with a total scale of over 100 billion yuan, driving social investment.At the end of 2021, in order to further strengthen the government investment fund management, the municipal government specially established the Zhengzhou Industrial development Fund Management Committee, as a whole municipal fund strategic layout and major matters decision-making.In the next step, the city will follow the principle of government-led, market operation, key breakthroughs and simultaneous recruitment and investment, give full play to the overall coordination role of the Municipal Fund Committee, with the recruitment of leading institutions as the guide, to create venture capital fund ecology;With special funds to boost the introduction of major projects as the focus, enhance the core competitiveness of the industry;Supported by the construction of high-quality project database, multi-department and multi-level linkage is realized.We will stimulate the vitality of government investment funds by building institutions.Specific measures one is to introduce head institutions, strive to create the capital of venture capital in central China actively introduce 3-5 head fund management institutions that fit the industrial development of Zhengzhou, leverage all kinds of social capital, set up not less than 20 billion yuan of market-oriented mother fund or venture capital fund,We will guide high-quality resources and industrial capital from all over the country to invest in real enterprises with potential for development in Zhuhai, and strive to drive effective investment of 50-100 billion yuan.Accelerate the establishment of “Zhengzhou Young Talents Venture Capital Fund”, support excellent young people with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and creative projects in Zhengzhou business incubation, accelerate the construction of talent highland.Support the head fund management institutions to regularly convene capital annual meeting, venture capital summit, forum and salon in Zheng to create a good venture capital atmosphere.Second, the national INTELLECTUAL property Innovation pilot park will set up a special fund to enhance the core competitiveness of the industry and give full play to the advantage of concentrating financial resources to handle major events. It will set up a special fund for the introduction of major projects worth no less than 10 billion yuan, and seize the policy opportunities such as the relocation of national industries and the relocation of central enterprises to undertake the introduction of major projects.Give full play to the linkage effect of investment and lending between funds and financial institutions, strive to form no less than 50 billion yuan of follow-up investment, and through the linkage of upstream and downstream of major projects, strive to achieve an annual effective investment of 100 billion yuan.Make use of the project resources of the head organization in the great Bay Area, Yangtze River Delta, Yellow Sea and Bohai Rim and other developed industrial areas, get through the connection between the investment subjects and high-quality projects in Zhengzhou, and attract high-quality projects to land in Zhengzhou.Attract listed companies through mergers and acquisitions of sub-funds, fixed-increase sub-funds and other forms, and increase the support of local listed backup enterprises, to cultivate and build a number of listed companies.Zhengzhou three big dipper business incubator ma jian photography is to perfect the fund system construction, strengthen the security support a high level of funds for investment project, set up the government investment fund management information service platform, organize regular quality projects and industrial policy seminar, in the form of “online and offline” promote quality projects, improve the fund mechanism linking to the project, improve the efficiency of fund operation.We will study and promulgate measures for the management and evaluation of government investment funds, incorporate government investment funds into the comprehensive evaluation system, and improve and improve evaluation mechanisms as well as incentives for making profits.We will improve policies and measures for fund registration, talent awards and subsidies, service support, listing incentives, exemptions and fault-tolerance, and accelerate the development of the fund ecosystem.Source: Zhengzhou release (reporter Xu Gangling)