BMW Brilliance X5 L will be released at this year’s Beijing Auto Show, 558,000?Do you think it’s too expensive?

2022-07-29 0 By

BMW X5 L has been exposed from the year before, the start of the New Year seems to have more accurate information, prices, models and so on have been exposed.The new car will be officially unveiled at the Beijing International Auto Show in April. The price will start at 558,000 yuan. There will be four models: 30Li Lead, 30Li Luxury, 40Li Luxury and 40Li Premium.As for the authenticity of this information, in fact, we think the credibility is 50%. The opening of The Beijing Auto Show is estimated to be determined after the End of the Winter Olympics. As for the price, it may just be the official smoke screen to test the reaction of consumers and finally come up with a price that is more acceptable to consumers.Of course, whether it’s real or not, the BMW X5 L is worth checking out.First of all, we look at the appearance of BMW Brilliance X5 L is still very classic, the double kidney air intake grille gives consumers a very deep impression, both sides are equipped with laser LED headlights, the rear part of the taillight group has been upgraded, more advanced vision.Wheel root different models have changed, it is said that 30Li two models are matched with 20 inch wheels, 40Li two models are 21 inch and 22 inch wheels, consumers can choose freely.In general, BMW X5 L has its own personality, and its quality as a luxury brand is still maintained.Look at the interior, and the overseas version of the same model, three type multi-functional steering wheel with a full LCD digital dashboard, in addition to the suspension of the LCD central control screen, or a bit of a sense of science and technology inside.Configuration has also been revealed, we can see that the 30Li luxury model has 360 panoramic image, Harman Kardon sound, crystal three-piece set (one-button start button, iDrive knob, electronic gear) and tracking reverse configuration;The 40Li prime also offers lane departure, parallel assistance, lane keeping, adaptive cruise, head-up display and many other features.As a domestic BMW X5, the strength is beyond doubt.In terms of size, the wheelbase of the new car has reached 3105mm, which can be said to be no problem in large size, but is the same size as X7.In terms of power, as far as we know, the 30Li luxury version will be equipped with a 2.0T engine, and the 40Li Prime will be equipped with a 3.0T engine. Meanwhile, these two models are also expected to be the main sales models.In general, people are quite expecting BMW Brilliance X5 L. They have been waiting for the same price. However, the feedback of the announced price of 558,000 is not good, and most consumers still think it is a little expensive.