Heavy tanks are popular in World of Tanks, and the battle details of heavy tanks determine success or failure

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With popular games like World of Tanks, which are supported by a large number of players, the authorities are eager to surprise players ahead of major holidays. They not only put their favorite Soma SM on the mall, but also launched a series of exciting events for players to participate in.A lot of players like heavy tanks because they do more damage, take less time to reload, and have better average penetration.While heavy tanks are good on their own, they are also not suitable for inexperienced players to control without knowing enough walkthroughs.So how should heavy tanks be fought?With these points in mind, the odds of victory will improve a lot if you learn to fight.The most basic point is to understand the advantage Angle, different models of the advantage Angle is not the same.For example, C tanks should be avoided in difficult terrain battles, D and R tanks need to be manipulated to create the right Angle, and S wedge armor cannot face enemy attacks.Sensitive players may know the advantages of various models by looking at their parameters, but it is more about the accumulation of experience. If you don’t want to gain experience through bloody lessons, you can also read others’ summaries.Don’t take a heavy hit, because heavy tanks are good at both attack and defense, so many inexperienced players think heavy tanks are just for taking a hit.It is true that heavy tanks have health advantage and can buy some time, but good steel should be used on the blade, adjust the Angle and maximize the chance of ricochet.If you get boxed in, the position of your card is critical, and many players think they are stuck in the enemy camp, waiting for their teammates to support them.But the map is different and not every position can be supported by teammates.In every game, it’s best to be in a crossfire position with your teammates, and don’t put yourself in danger by trying to get stuck.Do not blindly attack under the premise of poor vision, must be a lot of old players tacit rule, but new players are prone to this mistake.In particular, heavies have a lower view than other tanks in their class, and despite their health, they are not worth it.Players with some combat experience also know that to win in World of Tanks, you need to be brave and resourceful.In addition to firing at the right time, but also need to calculate a variety of angles, and with comrade in arms, also need to calculate the strength of each side.It is necessary to calculate the total number of tanks in the enemy team and the number of tanks distributed in each direction, so as to calculate which direction is the weak area of the enemy team. You can cooperate with your comrades to encircle the weak direction first, and then defeat the weak one by one.”World of Tanks” as a popular game, through continuous development, tank types and gameplay are in the new.Players can participate in various activities to get corresponding rewards, such as participating in the “Enter the Dragon” event until 5pm on February 21, may win the X-class tank and other precious rewards.And today at valentine’s day, in this romantic holiday on the arrival of “tank world” personality elements all 5 fold, today to participate in the “between” welfare, valentine’s day love filled with activities, through standard mode and battle mode to complete accord with a standard battle, and accumulated manufacturing 15000 damage and can obtain a special holiday decals, can participate in 3 times at most.