The Queen shines at the tea party!Blue dress with bare legs is so glamorous and the wrinkles on my face are so real

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Queen Elizabeth II, 95, was dressed to the nifty for a small, private tea party in sandringham House’s ballroom on Sunday.In the blink of an eye, the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years, enough to see that she really has seen the ups and downs of the better part of a century.Look1. The queen’s tea party wear build model 01. Blue haze of the queen, wearing a long dress in a long dress, as the most able to modify the length of the curve shape, queen dress over past a chubby figure, the posture of the whole person looks symmetrical, but the queen’s back is still very camel, like grandma next door.Dress with haze blue color, the haze blue color of skin color tolerance is very white lining skin, so that the Queen’s color becomes very ruddy.The round collar shows the queen’s neck, even if it’s heavily tattooed, without compromising any of her elegance.With shoulder pads designed to widen the Queen’s shoulders, the dress showed off layers and style with an exquisite brooch that accentuates her stylish sense of style.The white broken flower element that adorns on queen’s long dress looks infinite close to the broken flower element of snowflake, added the colour of the dress and administrative levels, super elegant dress really foil gives queen’s decorous temperament.The Queen only wears the haze blue dress, even without socks, she is also quite anti-freezing, the height of the black flat shoes on her feet is only 3cm, calm black and plain blue form a sharp contrast in the vision.The black flat shoes and the handbag are exactly the same color, the whole wear with no more than three colors of the queen, the appearance of the black handbag highlights the style of succinct breath.03. Elegant pearl necklace of all the jewelry, the queen’s favorite is pearl, pearl of the elegant feeling restoring ancient ways is also full of flavor, sending out the rich lady breath pearl necklace is three times by the queen around, was heaving at random in the queen’s neck, on the one hand, weaken the monotonicity of the dress, on the other hand, raise your hand is cast sufficient between elegance.The queen’s hairdo is delicate, with a slight curl that doesn’t complement the contoured shape of her face, but adds to her personal appeal. Paired with a vibrant aqua lipstick, the queen’s wrinkled face is far too young for a 95-year-old grandmother.The queen, 95, may be known as granny Rainbow, but her favourite colour is the glamorous blue.The Queen wore a long-sleeved tweed dress and the tweed fabric just looked thick and warm, definitely giving the Queen a lot of warmth.The dress’s shoulder pads were obvious and directly widened the Queen’s shoulders, making her figure more symmetrical.The pearl necklace collocation on the neck is exquisite brooch, super cabinet deserve to act the role of what lit up queen to wear directly build, hold concurrently the fair maiden of famous yuan and the domineer of queen.The Queen shines at the tea party!In fact, the Queen’s style is very similar, with her high curls making her face smaller and her sagging chin look even tighter.95-year-old Queen celebrates 70 years on the throneThe small broken flower between the waist shows the girl heart, the smile has the affinity extremely declaration: the text is original, the picture comes from the network, if has the infringement, the contact deletes.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Text/Fire Sheep treasure