This is a great color match!Enter the utopian home of architectural genius Ricardo Bofill

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Matching colours is one of the most vexing decorating challenges. In this issue, we follow Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill for inspiration!Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA) Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA)Walden 7, Xanadu, La Muralla Roja, a red-walled apartment, looks familiar.It was the prototype for Monument Valley!It was the inspiration of last year’s Korean drama squid Game.Built in 1973 and perched on a cliff, Ricardo Bofill makes the building look magical, inspired by the Casbah Hill Town.In addition to the oddity of the building itself, another feature of the red-wall apartment is its dreamy color scheme.Light pink, dark red, lavender, light blue, dark blue and other color matching, the achievement of such a “utopia”.BAXTER is also taking this color scheme to the extreme, with a recent release that is the best answer.Lemon yellow, deep blue, bright orange…Such a home, do you want to COPY?It’s hard to go wrong with Ricardo Bofill’s home in Barcelona, which you wouldn’t expect to find in an abandoned cement factory!The cement factory, which was already dilapidated when it was found, has now been transformed into an eye-catching castle: living room, dining room, studio…Every space is comfortable.Ricardo Bofill respects the “cement brick color” of the building itself. Sofas, leisure chairs and gauze curtains are mainly white and wood colors, supplemented by black embellishments, making the whole space transparent and bright.TURRI is well aware of this, and its space is always recognizable at a glance. There is no color that jumps out of place, but it is low-key and eye-catching.Deep gray department, or elegant beige department, have to say, also too have lasting appeal!Which combination do you prefer, eye-catching or advanced same colors?Click online message