Tiny say: white seven old man and his big pine coffin

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At the end of the cup, bai Qi, with a big mouth, said, “Eat well, drink well, the cake tube is enough.” He got up and touched the cup with the others one by one.Left three money dry a cup of wine, one breath ate eight fried cake, again clip picked up a fat pork film, chew full mouth drip oil, patted white seven old man’s thigh, say: “vegetable with muffled sound rain, show.Sixty is enough.”An old man, Bai Qi, smiled and said, “Starting tomorrow, I will make ‘longevity clothes’ and’ longevity materials’. The carpenter has found the old knot of Longshan Liang Liang.”Left three money hit a wine, said: “za elder brother a few, you are this”, said, turned up the thumb, then said: “Water grinding dragon king, weifeng mile!”Gong Youfu picked up the pot and swung it around. He turned red and said to Bai Qi aunt, who was frying cakes on the ground, “Brother and daughter-in-law, more wine.” Bai Qi Aunt took the pot and said, “Take it as water, drink to death your old grey ghosts.”Gong Youfu said: “drink to death afraid of a ball, I am afraid to invite old pimple to make a coffin.”Bai Qi old man’s “sixtieth birthday” do is quite respectable, a dozen men drank twenty jin of Lao Bai dried millet, ate more than twenty jin of broomcorn cakes, and ten jin of fat pork, and half a bucket of tofu.Mullion the next morning, Bai Qi gathered the kang and knocked on the wall. He also mulled the paper and shouted: “Stand up, Dan and mullion.”In the rural areas of Yanbei, especially in the mountainous areas, as soon as a person passes his or her 60th birthday, he or she is busy making ‘longevity clothes’ and’ longevity material ‘. At that time, people think that 60 is a high age. If he or she is over 60 and there is no ‘longevity clothes’ and’ longevity material ‘, it is difficult to hold up his or her head.Do ‘longevity’ also have pay attention to, is generally to choose in the leap month year, the old saying: “leap year leap month 100 years old”.White seven it for the old man, the second year is a leap in April, white seven man thought of his good life, doomed to heaven old, people say: “five litres in the life, don’t even, life in the three and a half liters, dead tired also pull the ball eggs, look at me, this life”, took his chest “snapped” ring, people attach again, white seven elderly man came out from home in a couple of egg, Fried to eat.The two longshan pines were pulled back by four mules, and were carefully carried to the eaves. The old man of White Seven ruffled the pines and sighed for a long time: “A penny of goods at a price, the pines, TSK TSK, well, look at this”, with great joy in heart.Three months later, without waiting for the pine to dry, bai Qi asked his son to hire a nest, and brought the old knot to them. They served them well for more than ten days. On the first day of April, a plane was planed, an ink fountain was drawn, and a large saw was opened.The old man looked at the coffin at least three times a day. In the morning, he had to remove the lid and go in to lie down. Occasionally, he would sit on the coffin and stare at POTS of small orchids, smiling and spending a long time in his hair.White seven aunts flat mouth, everyday murmur: “after two years I also 60, I also want”, white seven old man most is a nose hum, say 1: “human life, day is doomed, don’t touch the leap month year white build”, white seven aunts then no longer words, privately moved toe to calculate, the second year is really not leap month year.As for Gong Youfu, left three wealth that help the old brothers is more jealous, jealous of almost bleeding, but the mouth does not say it.The Japanese came to the second year of Hun Yuan, some Japanese village, took a telescope toward the south mountain for a long time, and took a leather ruler in the south of the village for a long time, the next day the village head stood on the stage and said:”In order to share prosperity, we will build a turret in our village, brick out brick, some people out, wood out of wood, dare to disobey, is a bandit,” he said, back with his hands, quietly walked away.The puppet army to carry the white seven old han coffin, people have come to see, most of the people hope that the puppet took the coffin away, let the white seven old man no longer have to act.The Japanese military instructor Akasaki with more than a dozen Japanese pseudo into the osuite, saw the white seven old man with an axe in his arms, cross-legged sitting on the coffin, staring eyes, said: “Life take away, the coffin is not”.A puppet forces and lift the cowhide, white seven man beard become warped, get down at the ana’s hand was bitten a few mouth, the puppet forces looked at each other, all turned to look at the red battery, red battery shout at top of voice: “old man, your, down”, white seven “smoke” the old man stood up, armed with an axe, and roar loud: “can’t say no, you come up.After a long standoff, Akasaki drew his saber and ordered the puppet troops to pull the old man off and take the axe.The moment when the coffin of the outdoors, white seven eyes got red, the old man hugged the coffin to have gone mad, big shouted: “who dares to carry the coffin of the ye, ye and he desperately”, a few red battery face muscle twitching, raised his sword, jumped out of the two words: “eight honk”, knife chop down, white seven old man dropped his head on the ground, the body twisted twist, also fall on the ground…At last, the old man was swept into the earth with the mat. Not only was not a single piece of wood found, but the rafters of the house were whipped several times by the Japanese puppet soldiers and almost collapsed.Of course, not only bai Qi’s family, every family.After three years, tuanzi village turret surrounded by eight ye, long attack, finally is to dig tunnels to let the Japanese take the soil plane.Bai Dan dug into the stronghold, dug into the white seven old man’s pine coffin, new as before, eight ye took out the sediment inside, put explosives.With a bang, bai Qi’s big coffin turned into nothing, not even a small chip left…Akasaki was captured alive and died in the street……Zhang Mengzhang, member of Chinese Poetry Association, member of Chinese Prose Association, member of Shanxi Folk Writers association, member of Datong Writers Association, executive director of Datong Zhouyi Research Association