Corn: small shock, can usher in a big market?

2022-07-30 0 By

Today, domestic corn prices overall stability, individual small adjustment, Shandong plain Fuyang, Tianli pharmaceutical up 5 percent;Northeast Jilin plum down 5 percent, Gansu guowei starch down 1 points, other regional manufacturers have no price adjustment.According to incomplete statistics, today’s national corn average index is 1.265 yuan/catty, shandong average index is 1.366 yuan/catty!Downstream enterprises are gradually starting, open probability in the medium level, feed enterprises mainly to digest inventory, inquiry, pig price weak operation, increase the wait-and-see state;Purchasing demand is not enough to support corn prices.However, traders have increased their intention to build warehouses, especially in north China, where the weather is fair and dry grain is increasing.From the fundamentals and seasonal law, the mid – and long-term corn market still has room to rise, but it is still in the state of just opened, the purchase and sales have resumed, the parties are more cautious, wait-and-see, people before 15 years of selling grain is not much, the market to maintain a small shock.Short-term attention to the progress of grain sales and weather on the stage of the market.A new round of large-scale rain and snow weather process from 11th to 13th will affect most of China from west to east, this process has a wide range of snow, the accumulative snowfall in some areas, including Beijing, Tianjin, central and northern Hebei, northern Shanxi, central and southern Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Yili Valley snow, local snowstorm;Accumulative snowfall is 4 ~ 8 mm, local up to 10 ~ 15 mm;New snow depth of 5 ~ 10 cm, local up to 12 ~ 16 cm.